Saturday, February 06, 2010

Smoke 'n Mirrors Meets Dog 'n Pony

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM, Apollo

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:00PM to discuss collective bargaining and the employment history of particular person(s). (It's ALWAYS the same reason!)

West Ridge parents fill-up Resident's Forum (Predictable. Why don't we just let the Sports Booster parents wrestle the school-of-choice parents and the winner gets no budget cuts, the loser gives up either the sports programs or school format?)

Agenda Highlights

Board Committee Reports
Finance Committee
Transportation Committee
Audit Committee
Assets Initiative Committee
MCSBA Committees

Supt's Reports
Budget Review
Transportation Study Review
EXCEL Project Update

Unfinished Business
Follow-up List
Whistleblower Update

New Business
Review Board Operating Procedures
Student Trips

Second Read Policy 1410 Policy
Second Read Policy 6213 Probation and Tenure
Second Read Policy 2370 School Board Member Request & Use of District Info (Ut-oh! Sounds like someone wants to put the brakes on info access by those who run things ... sounds "closed, clubby, corrupt" ... ) 


Anonymous said...

My impression is there is going to be lots of budget cutting pain to spread around this year. Too bad we have let our budget get so out of control. It's time to pay the piper and that payment ballooned.

Anonymous said...

Why would the boe give any more time listening to these WR people whine? Didn't they already have the board's undivided attention for several hours last Wednesday evening? ENOUGH ALREADY!