Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Smoke 'n Mirrors Doesn't Work At WR

Neither does District Office double-speak.
("It's the enrollment. It's the budget. It's ... ")
They had Achramovitch apologizing ("I jumped the gun.")
& Tydings sweating.

In attendence: Supt. Achramovitch; 6 Board Members; 150-200 parents; Several WR teachers; GTA Prez. Don Palozzi; TV media; D&C reporter; Gary Elling (PTA Council Prez); Ellen Meyer - an "original" WR parent

Quote of the night: " K-five is the standard in other districts, but here it's the Golden Egg."

Moment of the night: A young student did her best Paris Jackson imitation ~ talking through tears "... and she's the best teacher ever." ~ followed by a standing ovation.

Analogy of the night: Comparing Long Ridge School and its 800 pupils to a cattle farm. (Watch out for the backlash for that remark!)

Ironic Misperception of the night: That it would cost the district more to send two buses (if there's an older sibling in the home) to the homes of Kindergartners who don't get to attend WR next year.

What's next: These parents plan to use every slot during Tuesday night's Resident's Forum


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think the idea of closing K at Parkland, and shipping those kids to West Ridge is more and more realistic. You know Parkland wouldn't have even this dismal a turn out.

SCATS said...

To 11:23PM ~~ I don't see anything unrealistic about that idea. If you do, please explain.

SCATS said...

By the way ~~ They don't want the Parkland kids, they want the Pinebrook waiting list kids. It's amusing they admitted West Ridge is second best to Pinebrook and they often talked in terms of how they feel like second class citizens with how they've been treated.

Anonymous said...

I realize they don't want the Parkland kids. No, there is nothing unrealistic about the idea, infact I think it's even more probable today than yesterday, given the scared look on our boe and super tonight. They will soon realize that they need to pick on the school that will put up the quietest fight against them. I can see Parkland being that school. I'm also not totally discounting the possibility that this was their plan all along. Pitch the idea about West Ridge (knowing a backlash will ensue), then say to West Ridge, "Because you guys were so convincing, we decided to continue with Kindergarden there. However, it will require us moving Parkland Kindergarden students into your beloved school". They basically have West Ridge supporters asking the district to do whatever it takes to keep the Kindergarden in place there. Careful what you ax fo West Ridgers!

Hattie said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Leadership based on emotion. The board will wither like a wet dishrag - WHY - lack of conviction, lack of belief, anything to deflect attention from their own kids.

Anonymous said...

These guys sounded like a bunch of selfish fools. So many tears, so much emotion, so few answers to the bigger problem - the BUDGET! The budget is a problem in part because we have schools of choice, period.

Anonymous said...

Rename West Ridge, Parkland, and then close it on day two when no one shows up.

Or increase property taxes by 15% and close ten schools next year do to "unforseen population shifts".

SCATS said...

Beware Greece taxpayers. It was pointed out last night that a 14% tax hike is staring you in the face. Get ready to move out of Greece because you won't be able to afford your taxes even if you get all the exemptions imaginable.

Anonymous said...

West Ridge is only asking for PineBrook's waiting list because it's the only school we've been told has a a waiting list. We'd happily work with ANY student in the district as shown last night by the diversity of parents that attended.


Anonymous said...

When is someone going to address the real answer to GCSD $ problems. Millions of dollars are being spent on high school students being able to chose their high school - if the student wants to attend another school, let the parents pay to transport them, why burden the tax payers??? Sounds simple to me!

Anonymous said...

To 12:56PM- You have the audacity to call one african-american family and one asian family in a room full of 150-200 parents diversity? Are you kidding me?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Schools of choice
Signature schools
Open enrollment

Lots - LOTS of extra money spent on transportation.
I can tell you I asked one question over and over of administration.

Can you show an EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT associated with these programs.

Answer - no

The breakup of neighborhoods is one of the most unhealthy things this district has ever done. There was a time due to enrollment that boundry changes was a problem - that is no more.
I can look any taxpayer straight in the eye and tell them your money is being waisted via the insane amount of bussing being done, being done without an assignable purpose.
Are we in the 'education' business or the transpotation business?

I can also look a parent straight in the eye who are being told we may need to increase your kids class size due to budget problems and tell them they should be mad as he## if 'other' changes are not made first - FIRST.

I was not the only board member asking these questions, and there are no member of the school board or administration that can honestly say they are not aware of every part of this posting.

D-day has come and it's been coming for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

We are not talking about skin color & how narrow minded of you to suggest that. You should have paid better attention to the stories & experiences that were being told & you'd understand what we are saying. Since you don't understand let us clarify, we are talking about the diverse families from their nationality to their religious beliefs their "special needs" We are no better than any other school, however some people feel in their hearts we are. Each person's experience is different. We will not fault them that. It's time to stop going at the parents & the different schools. It's time to fix what's broken. We don't need to tell you what it is because we know you are a lot closer to this than you'd like to admit. WR PTA

Anonymous said...

Dear 12:56 PM,
Perhaps the diverse crowd you were speaking of was really... "lottery school diverse". From the statistics I've found Parkland is made up of 62% white students, while your meca of diversity at West Ridge is 89% (third highest in the district, behind only Pine Brook & Odyssey). You haven't begun to appreciate the diverse population OTHER Greece schools are exposed to....not yet anyway. Enjoy!

SCATS said...

To 4:27PM ~~ You wrote: "We are no better than any other school, however some people feel in their hearts we are."

Yet I heard there was testimonial after testamonial given last night about how "good" your school is ... test scores, a close "family" group, passionate parents, dedicated teachers, etc. Weren't those words intended to show you don't deserve to be shut down because your school is somehow better? If I misunderstood, please correct me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

And what makes your school a better choice to keep open than Parkland? Do you think that you are the only school in the district to have a "close-knit" family type community between children, parents and educators? There is no right choice here other than to possibly let go of the signature option and go back to good old-fashioned neighborhood schools! You know, the kind that your kids get to go to school with the same kids they live next to and build friendships for life with? The neighborhood kids that they make plans to go ride bikes with after school while they are sitting together on the bus and getting off at the same bus stop at the same time? Where parents get to know one another better because their children attend the same schools? In our development, kids are getting on and off buses all day long from schools everywhere! It is crazy! Our kids can't play with half of their friends because they all get home at different times and have varied extracurricular activities. It would be a massive disruption to all of the students now, and how would you handle the kids that would be going into their last grade at the signature schools? It will be tough for all of the children to adapt to new environments and friends, but it may be the only solution to cut costs and save money without taking away from our children's educational needs!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it would be illegal to charge tuition to parents who want to "choose" the school their kid goes to, instead of going to a neighborhood school?

Anonymous said...

Yes 9:14, of course that would be illeagal. That would be offering the different qualities of public education to kid's from the same district, based on their household income. Wait, we already do that. It's called "LOTTERY" schools! Ever check the % of kids eligible for free/reduced meals at those "LOTTERY" schools? It's just coincidence, but they have the 3 lowest %'s of kid's eligible in the entire district.

SCATS said...

To 9:14PM ~~ I'm fairly certain it is NOT an option, since public school means "free." I was actually thinking about writing a BLOG suggesting that West Ridge parents pay the per pupil cost as tuition to keep their Kindergarten. I decided not to because it really isn't a viable alternative.