Saturday, February 13, 2010

Murder/Suicide On Island Cottage Ends Baxter's "Honeymoon" As Chief

Mother called GPD about 7:30PM Friday evening worried about her 7 yr. old son's safety. Police found boy & his 30 yr. old father dead from gunshot wounds.

"When officers arrived on the scene they found a house that had an open door. There's apparently two victims inside the house, both victims have gunshot wounds. We're waiting now to determine what the nature of the call was as far as what occurred inside the location." ~~ Chief Todd Baxter

Includes reporting by the D&C  , YNN Rochester and WHEC-TV


Anonymous said...

SCATS never sleeps

Do you think its time we get rid of the myth that Greece is crime free.

In addition there seems to be a lot of domestic violence events with horrible consequences.

Often economic breakdown leads to an increase in domestic violence. None of that in Greece though

Howeve it does seem that there was a legal trail here. Was enough done to protect the child's safety

Anonymous said...

The problem in this case probably wasn’t a matter of enough being done (legally) to protect the child, although I don’t know that for sure. I got the impression that at least an order of protection had been issued in this case. What I do know, however, is that as long as a person no longer cares about legal ramifications, all the orders of protections, police warnings, ect. don’t mean a thing. Once someone has decided he/she is willing to die for there cause, whether it’s rational or not, they are almost always unstoppable. This is a truly sad and tragic situation no matter who else besides this man are to blame.

Anonymous said...

So very sad. Actually makes me kind of sick inside,

SCATS said...

To 6:57AM ~~ But I do take cat naps ;)