Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GPD Arrest RPD Sgt. For Shoplifting @Mall

Sgt. John Vail, an RPD veteran who resides in Greece, was arrested Monday for stealing tools valued at $148.96 from Sears at the Greece Ridge Mall.


SCATS ~~ Looks like Chief Baxter has to clean-up RPD in addition to GPD!


Anonymous said...

Well. well, well. Loooks like our new Chief Baxter has issued his first order. If you get caught committing a crime you WILL get arrested REGARDLESS of WHO you are or how CONNECTED you may be!

Way to go Chief!!!! Keep it up! Can't wait to see other "connected" people who were able to get away with alot of stuff now be held to the same standards as all the rest of us Joe Shmoes!

Double thumbs up Chief!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right 6:51. It seems to me that a 16 year veteran officer doesn't just suddenly decide to get sticky fingers. How long has this guy been getting away with it?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY 7:09PM!!! Which is why I gave the new Chief double thumbs up! Too many cops and others with so called power or connections have gotten away with questionable, if not criminal behavior for far too long. Glad they nailed his a_ _.

Go Chief!!!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody might want to do a little digging in the D&C re Sgt Vale. When he was working Genesee Section he shot & dropped 2 badguys holding up a Chinese place while his partner dropped #3.

Evidently he's had problems dealing with that since, compounded by a kid with diabetes.

His rep is that he's a good cop.

SCATS said...

To 12:17AM ~~ After Monday afternoon, I'm thinking his rep has changed ;)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he didn't get his $100,000 inb overtime and felt cheated.

Anonymous said...

The decision to arrest and prosecute in this situation is not made by any GPD officer, let alone the chief. The decision in an instance of shoplifting comes from the victim, in this case, Sears.

Anonymous said...

The decision to press charges might not have been hampered by "please give him a break, he wears a badge" this time around.