Thursday, February 04, 2010

GCSD & Town Have "Unclaimed Funds"

After hearing the lead-in for a story Ch 10 is doing about funds that local towns & school districts have not claimed, I went to the Comptroller's website to search for myself.

Under a heading for recent months in 2009, I found references to: Greece Police G (3400 Ridge Rd W Ste 5), Greece Olympia Class of 1990 (103 Haddon Rd), Greece Central School Dis (Accounts Payable Dept PO Box 200141650) and Greece Central SC (363 Oxford St Apt 5). Interesting addresses on some of those entries!

Under older claims, I found funds listed for: Greece Central, Greece Volunteer A (ambulance?), Greece Ridge Centermall, Greece Tub Tan (he's out-of-business, but maybe he can pay his bill to Parrinello !) and entries for the Town of Greece going back as far as 1996!

The site doesn't tell us how much any of these unclaimed funds are, but before they ask us for more taxes, I think it might be a good idea to claim and use the money they already have ;)


Anonymous said...

Good grief! This would be funny if it weren't so sad!

Anonymous said...

Another stone left unturned by Auberger?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - Lozynski's on it, and he's only going to charge us double the amount he collects for his services.

What a man. Loves his money. I can see why John is so "attracted" to him.