Tuesday, February 09, 2010

GCSD Forensic Audit Released

Uncovers Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Watch WHEC @6pm when Ray Levato interviews Tydings & Achramovitch about this audit. Their online report says: "... the district will not put the audit up on its website for all residents to see ... The Greece superintendent also would not allow us inside today to see the $100,000 grand piano." (Well, why not? Thank you D&C for doing so! Link below.)

Audit Details How Greece BOE Failed To Properly Oversee The District For Years During & During & Following Steven Walts' Tenure Here (In my opinion, not that much has changed)

"We are confident these issues have been addressed and we are moving forward." ~~ Supt. Achramovitch (Don't forget, he's got one foot out the door now, too!)




SCATS ~~ Our New Math Review: 

(Closed, Clubby, Corrupt) +
(Waste, Fraud, Abuse)
Greece's "Promise"

In a related story, NY Comptroller DiNapoli Releases Report Questioning $880 Million in NY School Spending 


Anonymous said...

Add it all up, folks and we may have anough to cover the $12 million. Walts, on his own, screwed this district for at least half that amount and because of his negligence, i.e., maintaining our buildings when things could have been fixed, we are now left with replacing items at twice the cost. It's unbelievable to me that this man can just walk away unscathed after robbing this district blind.

Of course, you must remember that the attorneys who are advising our current school board are also the attorneys who represent Mr. Walts. If this isn't a conflict of interest, I don't know what is. This man should not only repay what he took, he should go to jail. If some little secretary in the district, took $100.00 from the slush fund, she would be prosecuted to the nth degree. It's all the worst of politics.

SCATS said...

To 2:07PM ~~ Your comments are right on target. Joe Moscato was right all along. He fought for release of this report months ago. Kind of makes me wonder why NOW is "the time" ... what are they using this to deflect attention from? Their budget magic?

Anonymous said...

If anything, bringing this report out now should enrage the taxpayers even more. That this board could think about closing schools, cutting programs, increasing class size, while allowing this criminal to get off scott free is beyond comprehension.

Taxpayers should defeat any proposed budget or any cuts until they get some kind of reparations from those responsible for the millions of dollars lost because of one man and a corrupt school board.

Anonymous said...

The more I read, the more questions I have. What does the district gain by keeping the public from reading the audit on their website? Has the piano been so poorly cared for Achramovitch won't allow anyone to see it? Otherwise, why hide it? Looks like business as usual to me.

Anonymous said...

Bob (the elephant in the room) Mueller was quoted on TV saying that the State paid 90% of the $119.5 million 2000 CIP. Really? I think we can add some senility to his state of mind. Either that, or he is drinking a stronger formulation of the Phelan concocted Kool Aid.

In 2000, we taxpayers approved a bond referendum in the amount of $119.5 million. Greece taxpayers are paying for it even now even though the approved work was never completed. In fact, Walts, Mueller and company overspent the bond by $2 million. Taxpayers take heart because, according to Bob, that $100,000 piano only cost local taxpayers $10,000 with the state paying the balance -- I don't think so.

Nice try, Bob, but the debt service line in the budget tells the TRUE story. Pass the peanuts, please!

Anonymous said...

The piano was not built into the structure. It was not a Murphy drop down piano. We got absolutely no state aid from the CIP formula for that. It was just extravagant equipment. It might have been included in one of those bogus equipment and musical instruments packages that we supposedly bought. Funny that all the students can't play those "air instruments" for their lessons. They have to rent or rent-to-buy from music stores.
In fact the reimbursement for the CIP gross $119.5 million projects were at 70%. Of course the commissioner put various restrictions to get the full state aid promised at 70%. For example the projects that were related to safety had to be completed first and the aid earmarked for that would be at 70%. West Irondequoit changed their schedule of building and repairs to follow the Commissioners later guidelines. They got the total aid that they promised their voters. Since the Greece administration then chose to ignore that particular directive we did not receive the total aid. Who knows what we got.
But no building aid for pianos. Silly. Who would believe that? Do they think we are gullible?

Charlie Hubbard said...

I have to say this business of looking at state-aid as free money is a big reason we are in financial trouble in N.Y.S. today.

There is a push from the govenor to cut back on state-aid in our budget this year - WHY? - because we are out of money - wonder why?

Too many people have spent way too much time looking at ways to get more of this type of free money rather than looking at wheather we are spending our money in an 'effective' way.

Anonymous said...

Do they think the taxpayer is stupid? Hell YES!!

They think you're stupid enough to think a lackey accountant is an auditor. Accountants and auditors are totally different, and perform different functions. An auditor would have found the real numbers.

Where's the piano? Who is coming to play it, will GCSD be resurecting Liberache? Is he already on the payroll? Give me a friggin break, an 85 grand piano in a damn high school where half of the kids can't graduate. How much did it cost for the pinheads to go to NYC and pick it out? How much a day is it costing to keep the piano in a climate controlled room? Are the special handicap elevators in the room with the piano? I've heard of hide the silami but hide the piano is a whole new ballgame.

State aid, sure, if and when it comes. BTW, when will GCSD retire the first bond with a State Aid payment. The taxpayer is taking it in the shorts 3 bucks for every dollar borrowed by bond. It helps balance the slush fund. They have a bag over the taxpayer/voters head and are beating the snott out of him.

These administrators should be giving lessons to Bernie Madeoff.

SCATS said...

Re: "Do they think we are gullible?"

YUP! We put Boily on the BOE and we re-elected Auberger. Isn't that proof enough?