Monday, February 22, 2010

BOE Budget Meeting

Tuesday @6:30PM

WHAT will they cut next?

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss pending litigation.

SCATS ~~ Hmmm ... I wonder if this closed door meeting is to discuss that lawsuit someone keeps posting about on here ... Nah, couldn't be! Our BOE is VERY open with the community. We're told everything ... long after the fact and with their spin ;)


Anonymous said...

Are the levels and levels of administration volunteering for a reduction in salary?

SCATS said...

To 4:35PM ~~ You mean the same way the teachers are?

Anonymous said...

SCATS.......You are right on! EVERYONE employed by the district needs to take a pay cut and pay at least 30% of their health care benefits or let the layoffs begin!!!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

All I ask is if an increase in spending is proposed that an increase in anticipated educational benefit accompany that increase.
We are at the point where just having 'more spending' on it's own is not enough. The taxpayers deserve to know they will be getting something for their money.

We also need a pledge from the board that the vote of the community will be 'RESPECTED'.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Charlie is RIGHT! If the voters vote for something, that vote should be respected. That goes for budget votes, proposition votes and votes for representatives on the Board of Education (who we expect to serve their terms fully).

Well, two out of three ain't bad, for Greece.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, don't hold your breath. I, along with the rest of Greece, is still waiting to hear the "educational benefit" to our open enrollment/lottery/school of choice. I say this because of the out of control cost of transportation that goes hand in hand with this system. Hell, I'd even settle for hearing what that cost is, yet we have heard nothing. There were studies and committees assigned to look at this, right? Are we to honestly believe that the cost for this crap wasn't discovered in those studies and that it isn't sitting on a desk somewhere? Shouldn't the taxpayers get to hear what that is?

Anonymous said...

The people who provide the transportation did the study.

Cigarettes ain't bad for ya'. That's what the cigarette company studies showed.

SCATS said...

To 8:33PM ~~ As far as I'm aware, the Supt. has failed to complete & present the study the BOE charged him to do. Instead of retiring on taxpayer funded health care for life, he should be FIRED! Where is "The Donald" when you need him?

Anonymous said...

What does respect the vote really mean? Assume we reject the proposed budget. Do you expect the board to propose a new budget? If so what level would should guide them in that new proposed budget.

I think the only way "respect the vote" has any real meaning is if we ask the board to conduct a survey along with the vote or at the least prior to proposing a new budget to get input from the community.

Otherwise they could conclude that the community actually wanted them to propose an even higher budget. Let's not take it for granted that
a no vote can have only one meaning in the eyes of the board. And lets not take it for granted that the board will necessarily know the extent of community distain for the rejected budget. And of course any new board members will want to weigh in on what any new budget should contain.

Be carful of what you wish.

Charlie Hubbard said...

10:41 (annonomus)
Let me answer your question in a straight forward manner. You may not be used to that.
If the budget is defeated you put out another vote for a different amount. If the board feels that amount was too low then put out a bigger amount.
NOW - if it's voted down a second time then the last approved amount becomes your budget - again - period.

We need to remember a 'contingency' budget amount has guildlines, NOT MANDATES.
I am not very good at mincing words so I will tell you for a school board to impose an 'increase' without voter approval is nothing short of COMMUNISSUM.
If your not going to listen and 'respect' the vote of the people then don't have a vote. Our kids deserve to be raised in a democracy - agree? I have zero tolorance for hypocracy - agree?

Anonymous said...

Although some may vote against a budget because they feel it is lacking something, most that vote "no" do it because it is too much or they do not trust the administration or both.
If the board chooses to go to contingency budget there are limits. If they go to a second vote with a lower total and that is defeated they have very specific limitations.
The transportation and finance departments already know the exact difference between bussing the students to the schools of choice versus bussing (or letting those that live close enough walk) them to the home schools. It is a simple program. They are sitting on the data.
They could feed in the possibility of having a school designated for each grade and bussing students in a criss-cross pattern throughout the town and come up with the cost and staffing data within a minute. Of course that scenario is ridiculous but they have the technology to figure it out. Obviously the results were not favorable to keeping the schools of choice.
And there is no data to say that the schools of choice improve the education and learning of the choice students. We all know that it does not improve the rest of the students' learning. Is there data to prove that attending Schools of choice might be detrimental to the education of the choice students? Where is the data?
It is about time the board ordered the transportation department and finance to provide the cost of any scenario and fired them if they refused.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, do any former (or present) bus drivers or transportation staff that worked in the district 10 years ago or more read this site? I wish they would enlighten us as to how the number of bus routes has boomed during the last decade, as I believe they have. Anyone out there know this information?

SCATS said...

To 6:24PM ~~ Good question! One thing I know for sure is that LOTS of employees read this site but do so "secretly." SCATS is, and has been for quite some time now, off limits for general discussion amongst the GTA.

So bus drivers, please fill us in.

Graehaven said...

Our kids deserve to live in a Republic, not a democracy. Our founders founded a republic. Biiiiiig difference.

Teachers "deserve" to live like the rest of us - meaning - fund your OWN retirement. We should NOT be saddled with that. And tenure needs to go bye-bye (if it exists - I don't know, as my kids don't attend public skrewl).