Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Price Leadership?

The search for a new Supt. has begun. So has the discussion about what the starting salary must be to attract a "quality candidate." Achramovitch began at $200,000 with a more or less "typical" benefit package in his original contract from about 3.5 yrs. ago. An article from Buffalo Business First discusses Superintendent's salaries throughout NY State and contains a tool for viewing salaries in various locales with the cost of associated benefits packages tallied separately.

It's my personal opinion that we need to find someone who seeks a challenge first and foremost. I think the BOE might consider offering less money upfront to the right candidate with the contractual promise of lucrative bonuses paid out after years 1, 2 and 3 provided that clearly stated specific and measurable goals are attained during each interval. It's time we give more than lipservice to the notion that we desperately need someone who can and will deliver.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! According to Buffalo Business First, I'd have to take a pay cut to become a superintendent almost anywhere else. How's about you agree to just hire me as Superintendent in Greece? I have expenses for crying out loud!


Not official, but it should be said...


LEADERSHIP: Inspiring others to excel through the courage of your example.

Do you have what it takes to restore the pride of years-gone-by to both a school district and the community that it serves?

Can you balance compassion with strength and purpose in order to reach goals?

Greece Central School District is seeking an experienced Superintendent of Schools with a focus on achievement and intolerance for poor school performance as measured by drop-out rate, student preparedness for college / trade school / work-life, and district ranking (relative to all state public schools) on state and federally mandated standard tests.

Can you do this within the constraints of state/federal mandates and local budgets while strongly re-navigating us through past practices and personnel structure?

Do you believe in your ability to lead us to be “second to none”?

Do you have what it takes to share in our risk by accepting a lower base salary, while being positioned for potentially lucrative bonuses when you reach and surpass goals?

If so, then the Board of Education is prepared to make our schools your canvass.

Application process, Phase 1a
Send electronic (.PDF, .DOC, .RTF) versions of: letter of application (referencing examples of where you’ve demonstrated the qualities noted above) and resume to ??? Send sealed college transcripts to Greece Central School District, Board of Education, PO Box 300, N. Greece NY.

Application Process, Phase 1b
Note: This will only apply if your letter of application sufficiently demonstrates the characteristics noted above.

We will ask for the following closed documents(sent directly from the initiator to us, without your review) to be sent by the noted authors. You may wish to contact these people pro-actively.

Do not ask for these documents to be sent until you are directed by our Board of Education to do so.

* five letters of testimony from members of Boards of Education under which you’ve been employed

* one letter of testimony from a Superintendent of a BOCES from which your previous/present district is served

* two letters of testimony from employee association presidents who have served under your leadership

* three letters of testimony from Principals that have served under your leadership

* one letter of testimony from a PT(S)A official that served your school district

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. Lazy I know but it could save money and maybe get the job done. Just have an acting superintendent which would be the second in command now whoever that is. He/she could do the super job until we find a replacement which could be never. And that person would not get any more money because part of their contract is to carry on the responsibilities of the superintendent when he is not able to do it. So no hurry.

SCATS said...

To 9:18AM ~~ I was sold ... until you asked for a letter from a PTSA parent. From my experience, they don't operate in the real world.

To 11:50AM ~~ Interesting idea! However, that would make someone like Nadolinski or Mitchell our Supt. I'm not sure how long anyone could really stomach the thought of those options.

Anonymous said...

I for one, love the idea. Keep thinking like that, 11:50!
- A

Anonymous said...

Even so, SCATS, a "testimonial" from the PTA can speak volumes. The testimony can be positive or negative. Reading it can be revealing on many levels.

That's a fantastic "wanted" announcement, but the core problem remains: the Board of Education must establish measurable goals and map them to those "potential lucrative bonuses", otherwise they'll give away the farm as they always have.

Anonymous said...

We will have to go outside the education field to find those intereseted and willing to take less salary up front. They just don't have to take less as many supers. are retiring.

That said, we should look outside the teaching profession. I would look at recently retired military officers. Education expertise (if there is such a thing) exists right in our own backyard.

Anonymous said...

The law (written by ex-teachers) makes such a thing difficult/impossible any more, I'm afraid.

SCATS said...

To 8:07PM ~~ Because of the requirement for their certification?