Thursday, January 07, 2010

What Is Achramovitch's Legacy In Greece?

“Steve Achramovitch has helped moved this district forward,” he said. “Now that he is retiring, we will continue on that journey.” ~~ Patrick Tydings, BOE Circus Posse Prez.

Tydings said during Achramovitch’s tenure, test scores improved and school improvement plans were implemented.

“We sort of lost that negative energy that we had from that previous (Walts') era,." ~~ parent Gary Elling, PTA
SCATS ~~ We've had school improvement plans before, Mr. Tydings. This is nothing new. Test scores became so low that "up" was nearly a given. Your endorsement with "sort of" is so underwhelming it's laughable, Mr. Elling. Would either of you recognize a true leader if one was dumped in your lap? Doubtful. YOU and YOUR WAY OF THINKING & SETTLING for less than excellence epitomise what's wrong with GCSD. Our future lot as a district will not change until we change the people who choose, endorse and support this bastion of milquetoast leaders we hire and/or promote.


Anonymous said...

Really this all has to do with saving face. It's spin with no bearing on reality. Much lie I'm leaving to spend more time with my family.

Neither side bad mouths the other and they each get a graceful exit.

Hell could still break loose though.

It is diffiuclt to see any palpable improvement in Greece schools. No serious attention is being paid to the town Greece is becoming and the actual students we have. Power is being consolidated in the hands of the same groups of people (Rotary republican party etc.) who brought the district into disrepute.

They see Greece as if it were the Kodak worker's paradise they think it was 30 years ago.

Heaven help us because big cuts are almost certain to be the norm in the next few years. They aren't the folks who can successfully negotiate these times.

Anonymous said...

To All:

These statements and announcements that Greece test scores went up during the years of departing Steve A. is such a Greece Central PR "SPIN". It is only a shallow half truth.

That statement "Greece test scores are up" is so irritating and misleading to the Greece Community. The only measure of success is when a school district's academic RANKING to other "like" school districts increases.

For two examples:

1. Greece Central's average test scores in 4th grade math could increase, from the previous school year, BUT their RANKING to other "Like" could, remain the same, go up or go down. Each year students take a newly written test from NYS Education Department. The tests are NOT perfect each year. Some years the test are harder or easiler than the previous year. I know of no test results where Greece Central's RANKING to other "like" school districts went up.

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Ask principals, Supt. of Schools and BOE members, what is Greece Central's RANKING in each test area. Test scores going up or down mean NOTHING!

2. Greece test scores could go down and that could be GOOD if Greece Central's ranking to other "Like" districts went up. That means that Greece students did better(learned more) than students in another like district so their RANKING went down.

Demand to know Greece Central's RANKING in Monroe County and to "Like" districts. Compare Greece Centrals results to Brockport, Gates-Chili and Rush-Henrietta.

For your infomation since the first Supt. Steve through the second Supt. Steve Greece Central has continued to RANK in the BOTTOM third of Monroe County School District. Usually at the bottom RANKED 17, 16 or 15 out of 17 suburban districts. Greece Central use to RANK in the bottom of the upper third or the top of the middle third of Monroe Country Schools Districts. NEVER in the bottom of the bottom third.

The half truth can really hide the real truth.

Doug Skeet

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug. I think that you are simply misinformed. The person in charge of Greece's "instructional experience" is a real honest-to-goodness award winner and exceptional leader.

This proves it:

I suppose that it's sort of like being a valedictorian in your school while not meeting state standards, but's a freekin' award!

SCATS said...

To 7:06PM ~~ Did you read that she was nominated by none other than Steve himself? Did you see her "quiz" on curriculum several pages later? What a hoot! lol

Anonymous said...

Legacy: "If you think Walts got away with the cookie jar, just stay tuned!"