Friday, January 22, 2010

Baxter Wants To Listen, Wants To Lead Cops


Anonymous said...
Here is the question I have: How was the Town able to reach Captain Baxter at #9 off the civil service list? I thought you are supposed to select from the top 3 scoring candidates. The county website shows some candidates signed off, but not enough to get to #9

Also, the Chiefs test the Town used was for Fairport and East Rochester. There is a "class system for these tests and those smaller Towns are not in the same class as required for Greece.

So Im left wondering how they got around those requirements. This isn't a knock on Baxter, he may be great, but it would be refreshing if the Town followed some of the state laws that are out there...   1/22/2010 4:08 PM

SCATS ~~ Chief Baxter talks about needing the eyes & the ears of the community. Mr. Baxter, will YOU step-up and tell our Supervisor & Town Board that Neighborhood Watch groups MUST become a priority, instead of a nonentity? Those signs that dot the town look pretty, but are meaningless!

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Anonymous said...

The town of Greece follow the laws of the state, surely you jest.
Same as it ever was is the Greece town motto.