Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rumor Confirmed: GCSD Hires Geese Wranglers

D&C Blogger confirms what was posted on SCATS a couple weeks ago:

Adios Achramovitch
Posted by kcaronna

Come July we’ll be either looking at or still looking for a new Greece School Superintendent. I have to admit that I have had little dealings with Greece in terms of its school district, other than the multitude of fundraisers I have been asked to contribue to over the years. But I did think it was odd that in times of less staff and resources, Greece hired a Geese Wrangler this fall. I guess the sports fields were being overrun by geese and their, um, leavings. So someone was hired to make sure that the geese stay off the property, even in the sports off season. A teacher who will remain nameless told me about the new hire a couple days ago, but not about how this Greece Geese Wrangler will accomplish his or her goal. If it was officially mentioned elsewhere, I sure missed it.

Anyways, the timing of my learning about the Greece Geese Wrangler paired with the retirement announcement of Achramovitch did give me a little pause and wonder what exactly is going on over at the school district. And if we’ll ever really know.

SCATS ~~ Can we WASTE money on anything more ridiculous? Where is the study and consultant who recommended this? How much are we spending? WHY in winter?? How about we put snow melting equipment under the fields so we can use them 12 months/year?


Anonymous said...

My cat could have taken care of the geese for alot less money. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we let Greece police use them for target practice after hours? Then they can be cooked up by the school cafeterias for all those free lunches and actually 'kill three birds with one stone.'

Anonymous said...

Concrete proof the place has gone to the birds!

Anonymous said...

The D & C has gone to the birds as well. Does anyone even read it anymore?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Now the geese will retain a lawyer to sue because GCSD has a no goosing policy.

GCSD could have saved money by making the fields auxiliary dog parks.

Why can't the prescious little jocs chase geese? It ain't like they are learning anything useful.

SCATS said...

To 12:03PM ~~ Good point! I'm thinking we should put the Sports Boosters out there. They're a scary bunch and should get the job done in no time :D

Anonymous said...

They hired some guy with a "specially" trained dog to chase the geese away from the fields. I guess they don't think that the geese will come back after the dog leaves. Give me a break, could they find a dumber way to waste taxpayer money!

SCATS said...

To 3:22PM ~~ PLEASE DON'T CHALLENGE THEM LIKE THAT! They will certainly rise to the occasion! (if they haven't already ... )

Actually, they have wasted money "in a dumber way" before. I'm almost afraid to mention it though, because they might do it again.

Pssst!! What do you think about one of our esteemed middle schools purchasing 20+ yr. old science texts discarded by another school district to complete the set they have so that each student could have a ridiculously out-dated textbook?

Anonymous said...

GCSD has got to be the biggest laughing stock in the state.

Anonymous said...

Lets not badmouth the 20 year old textbooks. They might not be PC and could actually contain correct information.

If we could just get a truckload of old math books and english books we might be going someplace.

SCATS said...

To 7:48PM ~~ I certainly hope you are being facetious! In the realm of science, a lot changes in 20 yrs. This isn't a matter of being PC at all! Regarding containing correct info: they did NOT!! Unlike math & English, science advances, changes, gets corrected as new discoveries are made ... those books contained significant misinformation that was NOT corrected by the classroom teachers when the units were studied. Is it any wonder why Greece has sunk so low academically? Administration, teaching staff and parents have permitted the kids to play with modern sporting equipment and study with antiquated textbooks. Makes perfect sense, right?

Anonymous said...

"To 7:48PM ~~ I certainly hope you are being facetious!"

Perhaps only by half SCATS.

The error & misinformation rates in today's textbooks are huge. I've spent a sufficient amount of time in the schools over the last 10 years to conclude little if any education is occurring, and have very little faith in the ability of the Union Teachers employed in Public Education to Teach.

Dr Walter E Williams is absolutely correct in his assessment of the situation. It is pathetic at best.

SCATS said...

To 10:56PM ~~ I'm aware that new textbooks are riddled with misinformation, inaccuracies and other problems. That's a bit of a different issue from wasting money on textbooks that are so out-of-date that information gleaned from a newspaper is superior in its content. Example: A decades old science text refers to Brontosaurus still, but anyone who reads science news in the D&C would learn scientists have renamed Brontosaurus to Apatosaurus. This is but one of many examples.

Anonymous said...

We probably shouldn't mention that if GCSD hadn't bought those 20 year old books the other District would have had to pay to haul them to the recycling station, should we?

Who is the contractor with the specially trained dog? Was this service let out for bids? My dog wants to know, he could use extra biscuit bucks.

We also probably shouldn't mention how many times a week GCSD violates copywrite laws with their photocopying either, should we?

What's happening with those stage elevators GCSD bought? Are they finally installed now that Steve 2 is leaving, or are the taxsuckers still paying to store them?

When will GCSD comply with requirements set forth in State Law to srll surplus property rather than throw it in dumpsters so a few special employees can haul it home?

How's that television studio that mimics WEMOCO doing?

When will GCSD become an education facility?

SCATS said...

To 12:03AM ~~ Re: 20 yr. old textbooks - unbelieveble but we purchased them through some sort of book broker. If you held the pages with conspicuous labels across the bottom up to the light, you could clearly read that the label was concealing the ink stamp stating it was a discard from a specific out-of-state district.

Regarding your last question: when the moon becomes green cheese?