Friday, January 15, 2010

Polaski Ponders Plea Deal In Prostitution/Spa Case

Former spa owner James Polaski considers offer to plead guilty to allowing prostitution at his business in exchange for probation, jail time & forfeiture of money seized from his home.


SCATS ~~ With all of his "spas" closed in Greece, where do our town workers go to relax these days?


Anonymous said...

What no release of his client list?

Anonymous said...

Parinnello again

I thought he was doing okay at first but now I wonder?

Is he giving the town cover

SCATS said...

To 9:32AM ~~ I think he offered "group rates" ;)

Anonymous said...

This is just SO WRONG.

A legit businessman trying to operate a chain of whorehouses, and the dang government wants to steal his profits.

The deal had to be legit, he was paying rent and had gone through the wringer of getting permitted by the Town of Greece.