Sunday, January 24, 2010

No New Assessment Figures At Library


A heads up to all residents intent on trying to challenge your new assessment:
The library does NOT have updated assessment information for 2010.
The books for last year's "reassessment" are the latest they have on hand.


Anonymous said...

If people need to research right away there is

SCATS said...

To 3:55PM ~~ You've missed the point. Yes, there is a lot of info online, much of it better than Zillow. However, you can't see what proposed assessment increases are slated for your neighborhood (by address) unless you get that info from the Town. That's what the library hasn't been given. If you can't see what your neighbor's new assessment will be, it's hard to fight against a rise in your own ;)

Anonymous said...

Your point was seen. This was just another source offered for readers that might not be as knowledgeable as you are on the different sources.
When residents dispute they cannot just use other properties new assessments as comparisons. Sometimes they will not reduce without more evidence. And even then it is very difficult to get them to admit a mistake.
There has been an increase in sales and sale prices which could be due to the first time buyers 8,000. They have definitely taken advantage of that. The sad part is they can use those sale prices to dispute our claims.
And making that information unavailable in the library can only be seen as a deliberate stall. The same department that efficiently sent us all our increase notices should have made sure the library was supplied. We will now have to deal with the staff at the town hall. Or rather they will have to deal with us:)

Graehaven said...

Mine went up by 5 percent, which is outrageous. The house has not been improved in any way in the 5 years we've been here. What does one do to fight this? What is the process? Is there somewhere we can go for information? I've visited Zillow and don't know how to use the information there. I don't think there's any recourse. I think this is the new way of doing things and we just get screwed.

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ Mine went up by 10%!

To fight it, you need to educate yourself. Get a copy of your property data card that the Assessor's Office keeps on file. Make sure all info is accurate & that the measurements are correct. Look to see what LIKE HOMES (compare a ranch to a ranch, a split to a split) on your street & surrounding areas have recently (within 3 yrs.) sold for. The D&C has a link on their front page called RocDocs
( Home sales can be researched there.

Monroe County has a database
( showing the taxes for all homes in the county. They also have a tool allowing you to compare properties.

The NY STate Office of Real Property Services ( explains how assessments are supposed to be arrived at (not that Greece pays attention to laws). Review the info on there so you know what matters in making comparisons, etc.

It is possible to successfully challenge an increase. I've done it before.


Anonymous said...

@ SCATS - "It is possible to successfully challenge an increase. I've done it before."

We always knew you were benefiting from your secret ties to town hall SCATS, since only those who are part of the closed, clubby and corrupt get all the breaks. ;)

SCATS said...

To 12:31PM ~~ My "secret ties?" They must be so "secret" that even I'm unaware they exist. Then again, maybe I'm John's secret lovechild ... lmao!

Actually, I got lucky. A number of years ago, a couple of houses very close to mine and with essentially the same floor plan sold after more than a year on the market and several price reductions. I was armed with pics, and all sorts of documentation. I attempted to get a reduction. Instead, I got to keep things level.

Anonymous said...

The primary instant question is WHY a specific neighborhood was reassessed 1 year after the general reval.

This practice falls outside of ORPS guidelines and opinions of council. ORPS has clearly stated an Assessor MUST have a reason to reassess.

SCATS said...

To 2:10PM ~~ Are you saying that 2009 was the general re-evaluation?

I noticed in the old book that very few homes in this neighborhood were raised in 2009. I didn't think to look and see if that was true in other neighborhoods too.

Anonymous said...

Have the commercial properties also been re-assessed?

SCATS said...

To 9:14PM ~~ I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

The Bankrupt State has now mandated a total reval every 3 years. There were multiple statements made that 09 was a town wide reval. I live in the NorthWest corner of Town and have my 2009 reval statement sitting on my desk. You certainly aren't my neighbor.

As memory serves, either Hamlin or Clarkson revaled in 09 as well. Their assessor stated it was his intent to reval 1/3 of his town every year into the future to make the job more managable. I'm wondering if Greece is doing the same, which would be close to legal in ORPS opinions of council. This would make sense given that SCATS says his entire neighborhood was done.

The reval is almost entirely a computer function unless modifications have been made to the property.

It's going to boil down to the property inventory card, which in Greece is notoriously inaccurate, being compared to the State property standards. Greece has since 95 always ignored property condition.

Greece also loves to misinform people that they are required to hire an independant appraiser to value the property, which ORPS has clearly stated is not the requirement.

As to commercial properties, look at the current assessment for the old Odenbach Shipyard. A portion of that property was sold within the last few years for more than the total assessment on the property, and the assessor didn't change the assessment.
The shipyard itself is now quietly undergoing a zoning change to allow it to become an automobile scrap yard.

SCATS said...

To 2:15AM ~~ I think you may have misunderstood. My property was reassessed last year, too. I didn't say my whole neighborhood was reassessed this year. Since the library didn't have the latest year's stats, I couldn't find that out. However, I do know many of my neighbors have been reassessed AGAIN this year, just as I have. I plan to make a trip to Town Hall to check into this further.