Thursday, January 28, 2010

Investigation of GPD By DA Is Complete

No new indictments to be handed up to Grand Jury (Tell me they haven't known this for months!)

  • Pignato's second trial begins Feb. 10th
  • Rahn's trial on 12 criminal charges begins March 29th (As I've stated before, I expect he will get a plea deal, have charges dropped and/or reduced to ensure he does no jail time. This will be his payoff for not ratting out the culprits who remain and for taking $10K to give up $50K+ in health care and other benefits ... which makes NO SENSE without the payoff!)
  • Robert Trowbridge's case is still before a Grand Jury. (Why is this taking so long??? Either they have a case, or they don't!)


Anonymous said...

If this investigation is complete how come our politicians haven't been indicted?

Anonymous said...

I heard on channel 10 news tonight that the town board still hasn't approved Baxter to become chief. What's the holdup? Is Rahn coming back again?

Anonymous said...

The Green Machine is holding back presenting the Trobrige case tothe Grand Jury so they can pressure Bobbie to spout what they want said about Rahn.

Once the case goes to Grand Jury it is written in stone and can't be changed for prosecution convenience. If Bobbie tells the Truth the whole truth and everything but the truth as Green wants he will probably get a slap on the wrist. If he screws up on the story he will get State Time.

SCATS said...

To 2:41AM ~~ Yikes! Your words ring true. Otherwise, I can't see why it should take this long to deal with Trowbridge's case. It seems fairly simple in comparison to Joseph's ... and he's already settled into a cell.