Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Clean Is Your Child's Cafeteria? Your Favorite Drive-Thru?

D&C Database details Findings of the Monroe County Dept. of Health Inspections for all kinds of eateries. How does your favorite fast food restaurant stack-up?

SCATS ~~ Surprisingly, various Kodak food operations had lots of violations, as did several local churches. Greece Schools had relatively few infractions. For some reason, I couldn't find several Greece restaurants including the McDonald's Restaurant on Long Pond Rd. near Athena HS and Long Pond Family Restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they weren't inspected? Maybe they are exempt?
Wegmans has what could be restaurants at all their stores. They are not included although the corporate ones are.
Are these the results of regular inspections or only after a complaint?

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ It appears to me that there are both routine inspections as well as inspections resulting from complaints reported in the database. The "complaints" are labeled as such.

I think grocery stores might get inspected differently since in addition to "restaurant style" operations they also have other departments that handle & prep foods - like the seafood or meat depts that may handle both uncooked as well as cooked foods.

I can't imagine that a McDonalds would be exempt. Many others are listed in this database. Maybe Chamber of Commerce connections get a break??

Anonymous said...

I do have to say the cafeteria ladies do keep the kitchens very clean. The ones I have been in have all been clean and they seem to take great pride in keeping them that way.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the reports of some of the local private schools and colleges.

Anonymous said...

Some of the worst offenders appear to be concession stands no matter where!!!