Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Folks Who Talk About Transparency Aren't

Too Many Closed & Clubby Meetings

At Tuesday's BOE meeting, Circus Posse Prez. Patrick Tydings led the BOE through a vote on an item related to yet another closed door discussion. This one REALLY stood out. He mentioned the item involved a "personnel issue" the BOE discussed earlier while in Executive Session. He said an "MOA" (Memorandum of Agreement) was reached concerning a teaching situation at Olympia HS. Then, the BOE voted unanimously to adopt whatever this "secret" agreement was. The problem is that all votes MUST be conducted in public, which they did. However, at that point in time, there is no longer a "secret." The public gets to know what the resolution said that the BOE voted on.

Shame on you, Mr. Tydings, for failing to read the resolution aloud! Shame on the rest of the BOE for letting him get away with it!


Anonymous said...

What do you expect Scats? No matter who is on the school board they continue to shutout the rest of the world. We're not good enough or smart enough to handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

same ole same ole here