Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fleming Creek Flooding Problem Created By Town

Fixing it is not a priority.

D&C Story examines how Town's approval of retirement community development brought changes that cause flooding to a few homeowners.

SCATS ~~ How typical for Auberger's administration! Expand the tax base (i.e. develop) at ANY price; create havoc for a few; $tudy the resolution; turn your back on those you victimized after telling them they aren't your priority.


Anonymous said...

"We need to prioritize our funding for the areas that have real damage," she said, noting that the town just completed $360,000 in drainage improvements near Wood Run on the town's western side"

Wood Run is where the great Bill Selke lives! So all Dohrcrest Drive homeowners need do is get a GOP crony to move to their neighborhood and the problem will get fixed.

Anonymous said...

What is the retirement housing? Is it the one on Latta rd where they have fundraisers for Boily when he is running for school board?

SCATS said...

To 12:18PM ~~ I'm guessing it's Fleming Point, since I think they opened around 2004 which is when this trouble began. I thought the Boily fundraisers were held at Don Riley's place on Mt. Read Blvd??

Anonymous said...

Fleming point likes to have clawberger and robot come to woo the seniors

SCATS said...

To 2:57PM ~~ I was going to admonish you about name calling ... then it hit as to who you meant by "robot." LMAO

Anyway, play nice.

Anonymous said...

We should really pay more attention to enviromental issues here in Greece. There are serious issues here.

1)We live in a sensitive area

2) We are and have been home to some of the nations largest polluters (i.e Kodak RG&E Russel Plant). We still have fairly serious air pollution issues here.

3) The legacy of pollution is still here (buried barrels and pollutants at Kodak park cancer clusters the old odenbach plant and more

4) Our shorline is an important resource.

5) As we see form this article development is impacting on many sensitve areas

So where are the environmentalists.

Is the Sierra Club or others just happy to have meetings on the east side of town and talk about nature trails and recycling?

SCATS said...

To 4:12PM ~~ You raise some good questions and are right on target about several issues. Of course during the campaigns this last fall, we heard that it's too expensive to dredge Braddock's. It seems like the GOP has paid-off the environmentalists causing them to seek refuge on the east side of the river.

Anonymous said...

When that property on latta received the zoning to change from a single residential to whatever it is now didn't they have to do an environmental study? Didn't the town engineering and planning and zoning boards have to look into it before there was so much pavement built that had no drainage. Look on zillow for that property. There is only a small pond in the northwest corner of the property. That is not enough to handle the runoff from that parcel now that it has been developed. So the whole problem can be blamed on the town allowing the retirement townhouses to be built.
We should be able to trust that the town would not allow that to happen.