Tuesday, January 05, 2010


"I believe we have established a system for continuous improvement that will lead us into the future." ~~ Supt. Steve Achramovitch


SCATS ~~ Interpreted, Steve's statement means we will be recovering from our position in the basement for years to come!


Anonymous said...


"I believe I have established a system for permanent financial self-benefit that will take care of me long into the future." ~~ Supt. Steve Achramovitch

Good-bye Steve - and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

First Walts and then Stevie A. - can the district ever recover???

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your wallets. Steve II will get lifetime medical care at our expense. And I am sure he arranged a sweetheart exit deal. And I am sure he can get everything asap even though he may choose to be an interim administrator somewhere or a consultant. (Note: Today's Dilbert: "A consultant is a liar who now becomes a thief!")
Well Stevie I and Stevie II are two of the biggest thieves Greece has ever known. Not only have they taken our money, they have "stolen" a better education from our children than what they received. (Unless of course your kid got into the Private Academy for Friends of the "Important People".)
And the criteria for the next superintendent will be:
1. Has a golf handicap of 15 or better and will join Boily's foursome.
2. Will take direction from Boily and his Bozos without delay, exception, or deviation.
3. Capable of lying to Board members with full eye contact, no smirking and with well constructed sentences.
4. Sexual preferences of one type or another are not an issue as long as you avoid having sex with students or on school property. Having serial affairs with employees is just fine as the precedent has been set.
5. Must be able to ignore state education law and good ethical practices whenever it serves the interest of the "Important People".
6. Must be able to "suck up" to members of the service clubs, Chamber, Republican Party, and those with wealth and influence. These people are "your bosses" and don't ever forget it.
7. Must be capable of developing a large staff of subordinates that will do your work and insulate you from virtually all meaningful contact with the "unwashed".
8. When the large staff appears to be fairly busy, be capable of paying them more and hiring expensive consultants to ease their work load.
9. Be prepared to take direction on any disciplinary proceeding that involves anyone connected with the sports programs. Those people are not be messed with!
10. And most importantly the candidate for the Supt.'s job must have a mediocre track record in any and all previous administrative positions so that the expectations of Greece residents are not elevated to any level that might give us a glimmer of hope that the mess in our schools can be fixed.
Now what did I do with that Realtor's phone number?

Anonymous said...

Becareful of the process and the selection of the new Supt. This is late in the selection cycle.

How much meaningful community input will be asked for and provided?

What will be the criteria for the new Supt?

Where will proven,effective instructional experience be on the criteria list.

Will they go after an experienced, city/large district Supt. or an Asst. Supt. cutting their teeth on Greece Central to leave and move up?

Will it be a useless large $100,000nationwide head hunter search?

Our own BOCES provides that service at a much lower price.

Will Boily's five puppets control everything behind the scenes? (Ha Ha) Roger needs another puppet.

This selection is so important for a school district. Why don't I have the confidence that Tyings/Boily can pull it off successfully for the benefit of the school district and for instruction as the number one priority.


Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

My take on his contract is that we the sheeple of Greece will be paying for the bulk of his health care forever and ever. But then, I tried pointing that out several times since he was first hired :/

Anonymous said...

Where are we going to find a guy who will stand up to the sports groupie's like Steve did?

Anonymous said...

All these Stupidintendents go to the same Stupidintendent School to learn how to be Stupidintendents. It does not matter what part of the good old U.S.A. they come from. They all spout the same crap and all want the same ridiculous contracts. Public education is a joke.

There is no one who has the stones or boobies to take on the mess here in Greece and turn this ship upright.

Anonymous said...

5:40. stupid is as stupid says.

Anonymous said...

6:19 - Spare us the lecture. Everyone with any sense realizes it isn't rocket science. If we had a decent Town Supervisor, we could eliminate the superintendent position like the city is preparing to do. The people of Greece decided they enjoyed all the suffering Auberger has wrought upon us so we get to search for Achramovitch's replacement who will want even more that $209,000

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Anonymous said...

Is there any word on whether we are going to promote from within or search from outside? Is it possible to go outside of New York and find someone from a district that knows real success?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet money they will appoint Don Nadolinski.

Anonymous said...

It's just a job. We have people within the district that can do the job. When we realize that we don't need a messiah it will put the real job in perspective. This person should know how to be a manager and an educator. Let's stop looking for an evangelist with "laser-like" vision and hire someone from within.
Pair that person with a board that acts like adults and not idiosyncratic character actors and we will have an excellent district administration.

Anonymous said...

Hire from within and repeat the mistakes of the Walts era. Yeah that sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Well said 6:19 pm