Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BOE Raises Senior Income Exemption By $2500


By a vote of 5 to 3, the BOE has raised the 50% income exemption for senior citizens under the Enhanced STAR from $17,499 to $19,999.

By their own admission, they do NOT know the impact this will have on the GCSD budget!  

Several BOE members discussed this as the beginning of "a phase-in" towards maximizing the limit to the most allowed under current NY State law.

*The BOE members who favored raising your taxes last night were: O'Toole, McCabe, Boily, Tydings, Stenglein & Smith. Although Sean McCabe voted against the resolution it was because he favored an even higher exemption for senior citizens. VanOrman was absent from the meeting. Frank Oberg was the only BOE member who favored ELIMINATION of this tax break.


Anonymous said...

Scats -This was a gutless tax increase made by the board that the majority in the town must pay - it's a form of welfare by tax increase!

Now they're trying to "make the hard decisions" about cutting their budget but they don't want to p*ss off anyone in the process. That means that they will let us get reamed again because they don't have the backbone to get back to basics and stop pandering to special interest groups like sports boosters and school of choice supporters. I heard a budget that will go THUD faster than a NEwYork minute because it will raise our taxes by double digit percentages. Lotsa luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Good for them!

The old codgers built the town and the School District that was so damn attractive to all the young people who wanted to move to paradice and dump your love trophys in the Central Babysitting & Sports Palace. Now pay for all the crap you voted for. You turned a school system into a joke.

SCATS said...

To 12:11AM ~~ An awful lot of the young people who moved to Greece are the adult children of the "old codgers." Half a dozen homes very near mine are inhabited by the "old codgers" progeny and the newer crop of "love trophys."

The school system was "turned into a joke" by the people who run it, not by the consumers of the service ;)

Anonymous said...

I never understood reductions based on age being legal.
I also never understood politicians feeling divideing the town this way was good for the town.
Don't we have enough division?

SCATS said...

To 11:17PM ~~ I don't recall ever hearing that these situations were good for the town. Perhaps the better question is: Why is dividing the town so good for the politicians?

Answer: It makes us easier to control! It's much harder for the community to organize around a single goal when we're already warring over the things that divide us ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

Thanks to this program and the new enhanced STAR reduction meant over 800 homes paid NO SCHOOL TAX which of course was paid by the others.

Question; with the new income levels approved by the board was it determined prior to the vote how many houses will pay NO TAX and was it anounsed what the INCREASE to the other home owners would be? Will we have at budget time how many homes will receive a tax increase of X - how many homes will receive an increase of Y.

Most of all did those who voted for this increase explain why they felt the expansion of this welfare program good for our community?

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ An FYI: I was able to find out that the only people who opposed the increase were Frank Oberg, Dave Ferington and Sean (Selke) McCabe. McCabe voted against it because he wanted the income limit to be set even higher! He's suddenly become a huge advocate for senior citizens and claimed his phone was ringing constantly.

Your other questions I can't answer except to say that the people who support this seem to fear the town's senior citizens as a group. They DO vote ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

This is exactly the type of thing school boards have no business being involved in. One reason is they have no idea wheather it works. It is putting politics over purpose.
Why is it good for the community? What it IS about is making school board members feel powerfull (touchy/feely) but has NO impact on improvement of educational quality or cost containment - THAT - is what the school board is supposed to be there for.

This type of conduct does nothing but divide the community. Frankly I happen to think that is exactly the purpose via keeping seniors home at budget time and promoting indifference.
It is 'politics' over 'purpose' and THAT is politics at it's worst.


SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I've come to the conclusion that the politicians purposefully keep this community divided as many ways as possible for their own benefit: CONTROL over the sheeple. This vote divides the young and old and looks very discriminatory. Schools-of-choice divide entire neighborhoods while school options dice what remains. We're divided by the "haves" and the "have nots" in so many different ways.

Sadly, we're stupid enough to not only allow them to get away with it, but we reward them at election time but putting the very same people back into office!

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats; I am not aware of any school board training that includes running a 'welfare' program.
This particular program is soooo flaud no credible school board would continue it and just so you know I made the board aware of those flaws which makes the vote Tuesday night even worst.
This program was to end when STAR started but thanks to unattentive school board(s) trying to imitate god (kiss my ring) it continues. What ever you do - don't tell the pesants.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ Actually, it is my intent to make such issues campaign issues. I will do my best and I hope that you and others will also help to tell the villagers that this practice needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

Although the program is flawed, if we put in the max exemption, taxes would increase about $20 per $100,00 of assessed value of the property. So, some of our seniors are struggling. I agree, the flaws in the legislation allows those with homes in Florida and large sums in accounts that don't count to "pull one over on us" and get the exemption too. I however am willing to give our needy seniors $20 (my great aunt) a YEAR to help them out. Maybe some of our older residents that are capable of paying their taxes should "opt out" of the exemption. Oh, I forgot they are too busy relocating to florida during the winter and complaining on this site to do the righ thing. Maybe what we should be asking is for the loop holes to closed instead of complaining about what amounts to $1.75 (roughly) a month. Maybe you could live without one starbucks or dunkin donuts coffee a month!

SCATS said...

To 5:06PM ~~ You are forgetting (conveniently?) that many of us just received HUGE reassessments and will be paying the extra $$ per $1000 of valuation on that, too!

This age-based, discriminatory welfare program was supposed to have been eliminated! It wasn't. Guess what? Homeowners aren't the only losers here. Your extra $1.75/day does NOT include the extra cost of lost STAR funds to GCSD! We get to pay for that, too, if they ever figure out how much they lose from it.

If I can't afford to pay my taxes, what do I get to do? MOVE!

Why should it be different for anyone else? IT SHOULDN'T!


Suggestion: Why don't you offer to let your impoverished great aunt to reside with YOU?