Thursday, January 07, 2010

BOE Hearing On Senior Income Limits Tuesday

If the Greece BOE increases the income limit for senior citizens, the rest of us will be footing the bill for their savings. Given these very difficult economic times where many have suffered job losses, income reductions, foreclosures and who face additional huge property tax increases in the coming year, tell the BOE you do NOT support changes that shift more burden to the poor working stiffs in the community. In fact, the time has come to eliminate this unfair form of "welfare" completely.


Anonymous said...

People who are not property owners (i.e., rent instead of own property) AND have children attending the public school system should pay school taxes. The excuse that payment is part of their rent has never been independently verified as to equitable payment for services.

I will continue to support tax reduction for senior citizens until renters start paying school tax as do Town of Greece property owners!

SCATS said...

To 1:13PM ~~ The use of the word "equitable" has no meaning when applied to any situation related to schools, education or property taxes in Greece!

Let's face it, after Schwab's criminal sideline while assessor, every property in Greece needs to be re-"verified" when it comes to property taxes levied.

Leaving out renters for a moment, there is NO EQUITY between property owners who win the school-of-choice lottery and those who don't either. What about equity for homeowners who never have children?

Looks like the entire system is inequitable. The senior exemptions don't make it more equitable, just discriminatory based upon age! (and whether you have a 401K vs an IRA)