Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Sign That The Dysfunction Grows ...

Greece Education Foundation Gets Greedy With Garage Sale Table Fees

In 2009:
"Insiders": tables $10 each
Community: tables $15 each
Vendor's tables: $20 each

In 2010:
Community tables: $20 each
Vendor's tables: $30 each

SCATS: Just because you raised $2000 with lower fees in '09 doesn't mean you will get more sellers or money by raising fees in a worse economy in '10. Think about how much used "stuff" someone must sell to only recover the cost of their table!


Anonymous said...

Gimme, gimme, gimme!! That's about the only message I ever hear from Greece schools!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the difference between a vendor and a regular table? I went to this last May and most of the tables were people selling their home business products. Not at lower prices than having them sell you the avon or amway directly. There were many antiques and dealers there with their business cards. Nice people but too expensive for a shopper thinking it is a garage sale.
Usually a community garage sale implies that we get to donate "stuff" that we do not need and the organization gets to keep whatever the items sell for. Mother of Sorrows and Irondequoit schools did those last year and it was much better for the shopper. Very good deals. More work for the volunteers in charge of the event as they have to organize and price the items. I can see where our west side "elite" would not want to trouble themselves with such a mundane task.
And isn't the GEF supposed to be encouraging rich people and companies to donate money and grants to the schools and not sell booth space?

SCATS said...

To 5:22PM ~~ I know someone whp purchased a vendor table last year. They were told that a vendor was a business selling unused goods. I'm not sure where that would leave an antique dealer. I walked through last year's event (quickly). I saw few people buying other than at some sort of sports memorabilia & logo goods table. There were very few garage sale types there from what I could surmise. I agree that Mary Kay, Amway, Avon, etc. are not what comes to mind for most who envision a "garage sale."

Anonymous said...

Now we are getting silly!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that's silly is that we have to fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to have standard school activities with a budget of $200 million!

Anonymous said...

so just dont go and participate in it if the orice is bothering you so much. By the turnout last year it didnt really seem like many others did. If people want to do it and participate then so be it, it doesnt seem like that big of a deal, its just a garage sale.

SCATS said...

To 10:38PM ~~ You've completed missed the points, all of them.

Please tell me, what is an "orice?"

PS ~~ It's not "just a garage sale." It's more like a vendor exhibition. Had you read the BLOG before placing your fingers onto the keyboard, you'd know this ;)

PPS ~~With a budget of nearly $200 million, why are all of the different groups in town associated with GCSD constantly running around with their hands out?

Anonymous said...

It is a non profit organization, that is why. I , like you also attended last year SCATS, yes there were some vendors, but there was no way more vendors than actually people selling everyday junk. It makes sense that the vendor prices pay more for their space since most of the time if a vendor sells one item they will recoup their $30 rather quickly. IF it wasn't profitable for the people that attended last year, it would be my guess that they would chose not to come back this year. $20 for a space does not seem like alot considering if you were having a regular garage sale you would have to pay to place the ad in the paper and you are getting a bigger draw of people since you are having multiple people come to one place. I know you will probally argue that you definently think there were more vendors , and it seems when you have an opinion it is always right since you remind people that it is your blog. But I am pretty sur esomeone could call the district and ask the ratio, whoever ran it last year should be able to provide the numbers.

SCATS said...

To 8:20AM ~~ People who presume to know what I do or why I do things bring arguments upon themselves. Congrats! You've done it ;)

I did NOT attend because a nonprofit org. ran it! I attended it because friends bought a table to sell from. I was helping and supporting THEM and getting first hand info about this event. I was there for several hours. Were you?I saw what was selling & what was not. My friends will NOT be returning this year with the ridiculous price hike though.

If they are going to call it a GARAGE SALE, then perhaps they should make it a true garage sale! Making garage sale folk compete with vendors at these higher costs makes NO SENSE at all. It takes a lot of items to recover $20 in a garage sale these days! I've got no issue charging $30 to vendors ... especially of nationally known chains. But vendors of small arts & crafts type items will likely opt out.