Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wa$ting Re$ource$ ...

I see there's another video aimed at Arcadia MS students that's been posted on the GCSD website. The latest shows "Proper Cafeteria Behavior" after first demonstrating horrible cafeteria behavior. Do you really think you need to explain what constitutes bad behavior to a Middle School Student?

Previously, videos of "Proper Hallway Behavior" were posted. I commented on those at length a couple of months ago. I'm left with even more questions after viewing the latest posting.

  •  How much do these videos cost to make?
  •  Are staff paid extra to appear in them?
  •  Are students required to view them?
  •  If so, how do you know they actually did?
  •  What payoff, if any, did GCSD see after making the first video about "Behavior in the Hallways"?
  • If there was little or none, why make another?
  •  What is the expected payoff on the Cafeteria Behavior video?
  •  I can't read most of the "print" on these videos. Even if I could, the screen changes so fast, I doubt I could read it all in the time given.
  • When can we expect to see some videos showing us things like "Proper Attire for Teachers" or "Ethical Behavior by BOE Members" or "How To Tell When Administration Is Telling Another Whopper in the Board Room"?


Anonymous said...

Scats you are being far too logical with some of your questions.
Now STOP this. If you want to move ahead at gcsd you better cut using logic.
As someone else said touchy/feely is what rules the day.

SCATS said...

To 7:21AM ~~ Me so sorry! I keep forgetting that education, logic & common sense can't/don't co-exist in GCSD :(