Monday, December 07, 2009

Stupid Criminals ... And Homeowners!?!?

From Police Reports:
Someone broke into a Fetzner Road home on Nov. 26. The suspect took cash and jewelry, and left behind a 3-XL leather jacket and 23 decks of heroin.

SCATS ~~ WHO reported this theft??? Was the person who reported it arrested too? I'd love to see the insurance claim!


Anonymous said...

23 decks of heroin? sounds like a "local" dealer..... any arrests made?

SCATS said...

To 10:09AM ~~ Exactly!

Anonymous said...

While talking about being stupid, I finally must comment here. I don't live in Greece, thank God, but my neighbors and I have concluded that there must be something in your water that numbs your brains.

You hire a superintendent of schools that we ran out of town in 2006 for incompetence and other problems. Then you reelect the people who embarassed your town all over western New York. Yeah, that's right, we read the papers too as well a monitor this site just to keep tabs on A.

We western New Yorkers, while not being known for being the brightest lights on the tree, still recognize an administrative failure along with the stench of unprofessional conduct.

We have watched with keen interest the apparent controversy in your district over the fate of our former top flop. Your current board is reminiscent of one of ours who, in spite of public pressure to "grease the pole", refused to listen. Finally, we were able to get some board members replaced and they made him go away, all the way, 60 miles east. At the time, most in this area were dumbfounded that your board hired him and gave him $200,000. Apparently your board was guilty of not doing their homework or just plain stupid. At any rate, we couldn't be happier, our "gain was your loss."

Now it appears he has worn out his welcome and his trying to survive as he did here by compromising your present board. From our vantage point you are in trouble and the education of your kids is likewise. However, given the past and most recent developments in Greece, maybe that's what you want and desrve.

Meaghan said...

I think you've misinterpreted the blotter item. The burglar stole items, and (apparently) left behind their own coat and heroin.

SCATS said...

To Meaghan ~~ I guess the way it is written it could be interpreted your way, too. Since YOU are the Greece reporter, why not find out & report which interpretation is the correct one?

PS ~~ I didn't realize Santa was on "snow!"

Meaghan said...

I wrote it...the burglar left behind his/her coat and heroin.

SCATS said...

To Meaghan ~~ At 1:45PM today, you wrote that those items were "(apparently)" left behind. At 4:17PM, you wrote that they were left behind (definitively). Is that your final answer? You can still phone a friend ... :D

Anonymous said...

I like to make hot chocolate and play in the snow. If you do it right, you can roll it into big balls and make snow men, too.
- A

Meaghan said...

I used apparently there because I took the leap in that particular response to assume the coat and other items belonged to the burglar. The possibility exists that the burglar was just carrying the items from place to place, and they didn't actually belong to him/her. Although, that seems a bit ridiculous.

FTR, the homeowner reported to police that a burglar entered, stole items and left behind a coat and drugs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the coat and decks of dope belonged to the GPD Officer responding to the scene?

We all know they're not real good at site investigations and clean up.

Let's roll the dice and see which one has a trial next!

Or...perhaps it was someone that John A. dislikes. It was a set-up I'm tellin' ya. Unfortunately, this town's credibility would render one to wonder and a homeowner to think twice and then consult an attorney, who in all likelihood would be none other than John Parinello.

Ain't life grand in Greece? Thank you John.

SCATS said...

To 6:44PM ~~ OMG I laughed so hard reading your comments! LMAO!

When you said "Let's roll the dice" I suddenly thought that someone should invent a board game about GPD. We can call it "Get A Clue!" It requires 4 players: a cop, a politician, a lawyer and a taxpayer to fund it all.

SCATS said...

Many thanks to my artistic friend who "created" the board game I visualized! Just in time for Christmas, too ;)