Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paterson Tells Schools To Use Reserve Funds

95 % of school districts have reserve funds that total about $1.1 billion

"Many of these districts have very significant reserves after years of rapid increases in state funding. We believe that just as the state is using its rainy-day fund for cash-flow purposes, these school districts should take similar measures." ~~ Paterson budget spokesman Matt Anderson


SCATS' Message To The BOE: You told us the money in reserve was for a rainy day. Well folks, it's raining! If you don't make use of it, we won't trust you. Capisce?


Graehaven said...

It's very simple. Everyone takes a 10 percent pay cut (just like many of us in the private sector did) or more, the pensions go AWAY (we should NOT be funding pensions - they should fund them on their own), and you cut ALL government programs by at least 10 percent.

Oh, wait, you mean we'd have to get rid of the unions first? Darn. Gee, that wouldn't be THE SMARTEST THING EVER!

Anonymous said...

Graehaven....I agree with you but unfortunately we don't live in fairy tale land. I have no sympathy for schoold districts at all. Their "cash flow" problem is self inflicted. Seventy (70%) to Eighty (80%) of each school district's budget is made up of salaries and benefits of UNION employees. The school boards and superintendents in this state negotiate and sign these dumb ass union contracts without having the slightest clue how much money it will cost taxpayers over the years.

If unions do not wish to re-negotiate their contracts then let the layoffs begin. Just try and shove a tax increase down our throats with out big time layoffs!!

Anonymous said...

Using our reserve funds sends the wrong message to Albany and to the Greece community.

If we use our reserve funds without a fight, then Albany will think that we didn't really need the aid in the first place and will outright cut it both this year and next.

Without a public fight, the community will think that we're sitting on a bankroll and not be so likely to pass the budget that we try to present in May.

In the mean time, we have to meet our contractual payroll obligations as well as paying even "exempt" staff a raise to keep them ahead of the people that they supervise.

We're screwed without the aid. Trust me.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

So if I'm appointed Superintendent this summer, I can give myself a raise from the reserve funds, too?

It wouldn't be tied to improved student performance, would it? I just don't know. They don't teach that in "Ph.D school".