Monday, December 07, 2009

Reader From Afar Asks Why We Choose To Remain Closed, Clubby & Corrupt ...

Anonymous said...

While talking about being stupid, I finally must comment here. I don't live in Greece, thank God, but my neighbors and I have concluded that there must be something in your water that numbs your brains.

You hire a superintendent of schools that we ran out of town in 2006 for incompetence and other problems. Then you reelect the people who embarassed your town all over western New York. Yeah, that's right, we read the papers too as well a monitor this site just to keep tabs on A.

We western New Yorkers, while not being known for being the brightest lights on the tree, still recognize an administrative failure along with the stench of unprofessional conduct.

We have watched with keen interest the apparent controversy in your district over the fate of our former top flop. Your current board is reminiscent of one of ours who, in spite of public pressure to "grease the pole", refused to listen. Finally, we were able to get some board members replaced and they made him go away, all the way, 60 miles east. At the time, most in this area were dumbfounded that your board hired him and gave him $200,000. Apparently your board was guilty of not doing their homework or just plain stupid. At any rate, we couldn't be happier, our "gain was your loss."

Now it appears he has worn out his welcome and his trying to survive as he did here by compromising your present board. From our vantage point you are in trouble and the education of your kids is likewise. However, given the past and most recent developments in Greece, maybe that's what you want and deserve.   12/07/2009 12:55 PM

SCATS ~~ I used to think it was the water, but then I realized I think it's from eating all those "Garbage Plates" we're known for! The hot sauce numbs the tastebuds and soon a big helping of administrative/political BS tastes just fine, too. We're addicted to corruption, nepotism, drama and dysfunction. Could you reccomend a therapist?


Anonymous said...

Can't be the hot sauce. I'm a big fan of hot sauce ...not garbage plates though...and I still tried to get rid of the old guard here in Greece.
Maybe we should do what they did with the superintendent and try to entice him to get a job someplace else. Find an unsuspecting school district and send them his resume. It's easy. Find a template and fill in the blanks. We could be anonymous head hunters.

Anonymous said...

OF course our problems do not start and end with the school district

SCATS said...

To 3:21PM ~~ The author recognized that with a brief reference to us reelecting the same nincompoops that have put us into the headlines the last 18 mo.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how other communities around the state view us. That blogger from Kenmore has got our number.

We are considered the clueless peasants from Greece and Monroe County. On the other hand, people from other areas have an objective view of the mentality of our town and county. To them, we appear to be the sheep that we really are.

In my opinion, the lighthouse that is the symbol of our town needs some changes. Its dimming beam should be focused on a herd of sheep being led to the slaughter by Little Bo Peep.