Thursday, December 03, 2009

Opening Statements Made in Roderick Scott Trial

Some interesting items of note from the D&C's Live BLOG of these statements:
  • ADA Finocchio: After James' parents go to bed, James pulls alcohol from the liquor cabinet and puts it in a water bottle. All three drink from the bottle and go outside to smoke and walk around.
  • Atty Parrinello: One thing she did not say to you was that James Cervini that evening was for the 2nd time on probation. That he had restrictions -- like not drinking, not being out that late at night, not stealing.
  • Parrinello: 3 people -- Chris, James and Brian -- after consuming alcohol, and smoking cigarettes...) and they ran out of cigarettes. So what do they do? They don't go to the 7-11 or Wilson Farms to buy cigarettes. They head out in their own neighborhood looking for cigarettes in open cars.
  • Parrinello: The medical examiner will come in and say he does not know which shot was fired first. Other than Chris Cervini, we cannot know which shot was fired first.
  • Parrinello: I submit to you the ADA won't even be able to prove that when Scott left his house with his legal weapon that he had any intent of shooting anyone.
SCATS ~~ The D&C reporter quit the "Live BLOG" when the first witness ( a Greece Police Officer) was called to the stand because "the typing is too intensive." Maybe the D&C needs to get a reporter who can go the distance and then they would sell more newspapers ;)


Graehaven said...

The man defended himself, and his property from a valid threat. Totally constitutional.

It's very sad that the young man is dead, and I'm sure Scott isn't celebrating in the least. He was probably scared to death at the time - the time when he was doing his duty as a father and citizen - a free, liberty loving citizen.

Why is there not as much outrage when we're dealing with people killing each other and themselves with the two thousand pound weapons we call cars? Huh? Where's the outrage community? Parents? Citizens? Special interest groups?

Far more die every day from stupid car wrecks (DWI and other wise) than do from guns ALL FREAKING YEAR!

SCATS said...

To Graehaven ~~ I agree 100% about the DWI issue. Look at the different treatment that Aquinas girl was given after plowing her car into a house and killing her friend while DWI! She was permitted to graduate, etc. etc ... before even going to court! Roderick Scott on the other hand, was shoved into a cell and left for a week+ at the time of the incident. I'm SURE skin color had nothing to do with it ;)

SCATS said...

Update to Graehaven ~~ Today's D&C has an article about Tia Gerstner in the case I referred to. Now they are offering her a plea deal but the poor princess would have to spend her Xmas in the county lock-up, boo-hoo. Why does someone who took both drugs and drink before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle (PREMEDITATED!) get the white glove treatment? It's mind-boggling!