Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Live BLOG Details Rod Scott's Testimony

Roderick Scott's testimony in the shooting of Chris Cervini gives insights into Scott's actions that night.

"Isn't it the police's job to investigate crime?" ~~ ADA Finocchio to Scott

"As citizens, it's all of our jobs." ~~ Roderick Scott's reply to Finocchio

Cervini's last words: "I'm just a kid."



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Anonymous said...

As previously pointed out Sweetie ADA has not one bit of a problem misrepresenting her case, and especially more so in this case.

She has pounded Mr Scott that he should have hidden in his house and waited for the Greece PD to eventually arrive and "Protect" the neighbors & himself.
Sweetie knows damn well that the Supreme Court has held in case after case that the Police have no duty to protect the public!

She also knows this was a good shooting, and if she can win a conviction against Mr Scott her reputation will be enhanced.

Parinello isn't delivering his A game either in my opinion. He should call several Greece cops and use them to show the jury how slow GPD responds to breakin calls in the neighborhood beyond where politicians live.

Egan is once more delivering a crappy performence, as usual.

Anonymous said...

8:55 is right. And everyone involved in this case is a reminder that we don't always get to chose the consequences of our actions.

SCATS said...

To 8:55PM ~~ It's sad for both sides.

To 2:56AM ~~ Finocchio has been aggressive in court! Today, she even argued for a 2nd degree manslaughter charge just to try to get her conviction. Egan said "No."

I think Scott will be home for Christmas, thank God.

Anonymous said...

ADA Sweetie is generally snotty, and always agressive. That's why Mr Sweetie no longer lives with her, not sure if the Divorce is final yet.

Her run at Man 2 was an endrun. I believe she knows her case stunk, and is hopeing for a stupid Jury.

Anonymous said...

So, if Finocchio was fat and ugly would she still be referred to as "ADA Sweetie"? Your arguments would be strengthened without the not so veiled sarcasm regarding your obvious disrespect for her education and training. This is why women remain oppressed in many ways in this society. If Finocchio was a good looking MAN in that position everyone would be complimentary - in a not so disrespectful way.

SCATS said...

To 12:07PM ~~ How can you tell that the other poster's sarcasm "disrespected her training & education," as opposed to her overall attitude towards Roderick Scott I'd say "snotty" is indeed how she comes across when addressing the media about Scott while prosecuting this case. She appears to believe she is above him.

By the way, I promise that if we get "a good looking MAN" as an ADA, SCATS will refer to him as ADA