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 Andrew Conlon ready to serve Greece's 3rd Ward

Meaghan M. McDermott • Staff writer • December 31, 2009

Shortly after noon on Friday, Andrew Conlon will take his oath of office and become the youngest member of the Greece Town Board.

"I always wanted to get involved politically, but didn't know I would do it at such a young age," said Conlon, 25, a 2002 graduate of Greece Athena High School. "I was kind of hesitant at first, but when I campaigned door to door, I realized that was what people wanted — someone with similar values, their best interests at heart and someone they could really trust."

Conlon, a contract administrator for Coordinated Care Services Inc., was elected to his first four-year term in office in November. A Republican, he defeated Democratic challenger Shawn Lavin to fill the 3rd Ward seat held by Republican Jerry Helfer. Helfer could not run again due to term limits.

Conlon said he looks forward to representing the interests of 3rd Ward residents.

"That ward in particular is very different than the other three," he said. "We have the older parts of Greece with neighborhoods like KodaVista and Dewey/Stone and then other areas like the Ridgeway and Boca neighborhoods. Especially in the Dewey/Stone area, I think people often feel they're the unheard voice in town government and I want to make sure they have a voice."

Other officials who will be sworn in during Friday's Town Board organizational meeting are Town Supervisor John Auberger; 1st Ward councilwoman Shannon O'Keefe; 2nd Ward councilman Bob Bilsky; 4th Ward councilman Kirk Morris; Town Justices Gino Nitti and Vincent Campbell; and Receiver of Taxes Kathleen Trimmer. All are Republicans.

SCATS ~~ This seems to validate what everyone suspected: To get elected in Greece is STRICTLY related to party affiliation, not fitness for the job ;)


Anonymous said...

Scats- Seems like the reporter needs to spend more time on her job less time on your blog.

What's your opinion on the newspaper saying J-Mac takes second place as the second most "positive" story of the decade? Are we lacking self-esteem or real newsmakers?

Anonymous said...

"I always wanted to get involved politically, but didn't know I would do it at such a young age," said Conlon

Andy, do you mean you weren't expecting Auberger to choose YOU to be his next puppet???? No wonder our town board members do nothing for their constituents. They didn't expect or ask for the job.

Anonymous said...

"You should always believe what you read in the newspapers, for that makes them more interesting."
- Rose Macaulay

SCATS said...

To 12:22PM ~~ Please don't get me started! I'm sure this won't sit well with the lovers of fluff, but in MY OPINION:

The fact that a mentally handicapped teenager's 4 minutes of contrived "skill" on a basketball court takes second place for an entire decade's worth of possible stories with a positive spin shows me that the highly educated workforce/population left Rochester with the jobs Kodak & other companies eliminated. We're left with a bunch of mental midgets who can't read, write, comprehend, spell or do basic math unless it has something to do with sports of some kind. That's the only way I can explain why J-MAC even made the list!

My choice for the most positive story of the decade would be the election of Bob Duffy and all he has done to make the City of Rochester a better place after the years of disgraceful management brought by his predecessor, Mr. Johnson.

Meaghan said...

We're all human.

SCATS said...

NOT "human"! < ===


Anonymous said...

what bothers me more is the puff piece character of the story.

It just a town press release dolled up as a story.

How about a story on resident's dissatisfaion with the town board -- with the rubber stamp character and the lack or responsiveness.

I noticed you never covered mirror night. We that because Bill Selke or the chamber didn't endorse it?

Anonymous said...

SCATS I am with you on Mayor Duffy. He is the best thing for the City of Rochester in a very long time. Too bad the Town of Greece is stuck with Assberger. Are you going to the swearing in ceremony? 4 more years of BS.

Anonymous said...

And a community visit by a sitting President of the United States (despite one's political opinion) got nada.

Amazing. Truly amazing.

SCATS said...

To 4:48PM ~~ I would only go to the swearing in if I had a gas mask and a pitchfork. I'll leave it for Meaghan to cover :D

To 5:05PM ~~ I thought about that, too. Amazing? Or predictable?

Anonymous said...

Come on, Folks. This is Greece. An embarrassment to anyone with a reasonable IQ and a clear thought process. I heard that even Max Streibel is selling out and moving south, although he told me that that was not for sure. Well we are the victims of a corrupt town government, a corrupt county government and a totally incompetent state government. So if it wasn't for either the job or the kids living here, 90% of the town would bail out. Nice going town leaders, service clubs, Chamber and BOE! You have only taken 10 years to destroy what took 150 years to create. RIP.

SCATS said...

To 7:46PM ~~ Well said.

Anonymous said...

abandon all hope all ye who enter here-- Dante

Anonymous said...

Capt. Mike Ceretto has removed himself from the selection process for Police Chief. This move puts Urhmacher at the top of the Civil Service residency list. He also moves up one notch on the county list to number five.

This development changes the expectations of some command personnel whose futures were linked to Ceretto. This is also a blow to Auberger's plans for the PD.

Anonymous said...

I liked the comment in the D&C on the article that equates the use of "wards" to that being symbolic of Greece being nothing but a mental hospital :)

SCATS said...

To 1:33PM ~~ I admit, you made me look ... LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone attend the coronation? Anything interesting happen there?

Anonymous said...

Ceretto is out for a couple of reasons. He made $160,000 last year as a captain. The Chief's position pays a little over $100,000. His application for a waiver from the Police and Fire pension that would peg his retirement at $160,000 giving him an $80,000 a year pension was denied. Since his pension is based on his final 12 months of work, getting to $160,000 as chief in Greece without tons of overtime would be impossible. If he had been granted a waiver he could retire at half of $160,000 after 20years.

The other factors were known polical and personal problems. While he would have been Auberger's choice, he was not the right person to lead the PD. Urhmacher is still a long shot for the job.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else read their January greeting from Kathy Taylor?
The county gave us a nice breakout of how we are getting screwed for the cost of WELFARE.

The Town reminded me even though there isn't a damn streetlight on the road, I get to pay for streetlights in the rest of town.

And the wonderful North Greece Fire District is taxing me nearly half the amount the Town charges so Union fiermen can sit arount the opulant firehouse looking at the overpriced red trucks.

It's a wonderful new year in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 2:52PM ~~ I just got my "gift" from the town, too. I haven't looked at it in detail yet, but the bottom line looks bigger than last year's ... am I mistaken??? I recall Uncle Auggie promising no tax increase ... but he's not very believable based on past experiences.

Anonymous said...

My overall tax bill Town,County & Fire went down $7.27 from last year.

I've got to spend hours now figuring out to do with the huge savings. Maybe I'll just save it for the School Tax Bill in September.

Anonymous said...

I heard Taylor wants to be called Trimmer because everybody thought that Trimmer was prettier and smarter than Taylor, which I have to agree has some merit, (Merritt?)