Wednesday, December 09, 2009

James Cervini: Is He Telling The "Whole Truth?"

Or Did He Already Tell Us The "Whole Truth" Back In April?

When questioned by Greece PD after Chris Cervini was shot to death last April, both James Cervini and his friend Brian Hopkins gave police written statements detailing what happened that night. I've provided links to them below. Neither statement mentions that Chris Cervini or either of the other two boys froze in place and raised their hands in the air to comply with Roderick Scott's announcement that he had a gun. Now James Cervini has testified stating that both he and his cousin Chris stood still with their arms up and palms out when Scott allegedly fired the first shot at Chris Cervini. (See D&C Story)

Given James Cervini's colorful past (which includes the fact he was breaking probation for a previous offense the night his cousin died - drinking, violating his curfew & attempted theft) and the fact he chose to go to sleep to save his own neck after Chris was shot that night, can we trust his testimony about the key element in this trial? If I were on the jury, I know I wouldn't.

James Cervini's Statement

Brian Hopkins' Statement


Anonymous said...

OK, now let's see if anyone can connect the trajectory of either bullet as being consistent with a "hands up" posture. Bet it doesn't jive. AND - if the evidence does not support that statement, I sure hope they charge the little ba****d with perjury.

SCATS said...

To 1:37PM ~~ I'd like to know whose decion it was within the criminal justice system to allow James off-the-hook for breaking probation the night this shooting happened. It sends the WRONG MESSAGE which is why I think we're hearing so much "sympathy" for Chris Cervini's fate. It appears that bewteen GPD's screw ups and possibly false testimony by James and misleading (?) statements by Finocchio, there is an attempt to railroad Scott to justice and an undeserved jail term. Bullet trajectory will be interesting since two shots left 7 or 8 wounds plus a hole in a house. This is starting to remind me of JFK's assassination, but I doubt that Scott is that good of a shot. Maybe just "lucky" in some perverse sense ...

Anonymous said...

Cervini is a serial liar. He's a serial criminal. He's a bad guy type. I can see Parrinelo is worth his fees with all the garbage he's pointed out in the first few days of this trial. I heard it's expected to go on through next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Scott is found innocent.

Anonymous said...

Today the Cervini cousin is having recall issues. Parinello caught several discrepancies in what he says happened before. Did anybody notice that today he says he ran because he was scared? Yesterday prosecutor Julie F told reporters he probably ran because he was scared. I wonder did he watch the news and decide she was right? Maybe tonight she can explain away his discrepancies.

Anonymous said...

If this man is not found inocent I cannot imagine anyone down the road defending their property or looking out for their neighbors. This case is far reaching.

SCATS said...

If anyone wants to help Roderick Scott with his mounting legal fees, there is a website where donations can be made:

Or if you prefer to send a check, you can mail it to:

Roderick Scott Defense Fund
C/O Mr. John Parrinello, Atty
36 W. Main St.
Suite 400
Rochester, NY 14614

Anonymous said...

Julie baby gave Cervini Punk #2 a walk on his Probation violation and had it Green Stamped by our wonderful DA.

Without Punk #2 testifying the way he was rehearsed Julie has no damn case.

She had no case till she leaked to the "Media" that Cadaver had been shot in the back.

Greece PD has a track record of screwing the pooch on homocides. It was raining like hell the night of the shooting and DARK, even with the limited streetlights in that tract. Greece PD chose to sit in their cars keeping warm & dry rather than gathering what evidence might have been available due to the rain.

Cops on the scene considered it a good shooting, and it was handled that way until Julie's sweet posterior arrived and she decided to hang the Black man out for shooting the white Punk. Cadaver was known to the cops, as he was in the hood.

Sweetie will tell any story to prosecute her case, evidence be damned.

DA GreenStamp wants to get back 30 years to the Relin era of screwing honest gunowners who defend their homes.

SCATS said...

To 12:20AM ~~ Can you tell us how cases are assigned to the ADAs? Is it done on a rotational basis (luck of the draw)? Or do they seek specific cases they want? Or does Green assign them as they come in?

Anonymous said...

I just made a donation using "PayPal." It was easy! Best wishes to Mr. Scott!

SCATS said...

To 8:56PM ~~ I'm sure Mr. Scott will appreciate your generosity.

Anonymous said...

Felony cases fall to the ADA assigned to that area of the County after hours. The duty ADA carrys a cellphone, and responds to Police requests. The duty ADA generally stays on call for a month, unless they catch a major case and stay with it as Sweetie has with Mr Scott. She's been off the wheel since catching the Scott case.

In this case, Little Miss Pinochio has sufficient felony trial experience that she was able to keep the case to help her build a larger reputation. She tends to be very agressive in certain cases, especially interracial cases, and expressed her desire to bury Mr Scott under the jailhouse from the moment she arrived on scene.

Since Sweetie wanted the case, and will put in the hours she got to keep the case. She will do anything to convict the Black man living with a white woman. Remember who trotted out the story Cadaver was shot in the back to stirr public opinion.

Sweetie is one nasty little #!_(# who is under no legal obligation to present the TRUTH at trial, and will do all she can to convict. Were she facing a lesser opponent than Parinello Mr Scott would already be buried.

SCATS said...

To 2:25AM ~~ Thank you for the insights. I think I have a better understanding of how the DAs office operates now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, all you have on how the DA's office operates is a glimpse. Were the internal politics to be divulged nobody who hasn't had the misfortune to deal with the Relin/Green machine would believe it.

As long as the cover can be kept in place and a few bad boys can be sent off to jail the public will remain happy & ignorant.

The Scott case is a very open demonstration of the way things are done by the Green Machine. Scott should have been cleared in Grand Jury, but Julie Sweetie caught the case and since she doesn't like Black men sleeping with white women, Scott got the full bore prosecution.

As usual, GPD screwed the poock on a homocide investigation, this one may replace the FedEx Courier's wife being butchered as Greece's paramount screwup.

GPD took no pictures at the scene, so nobody knows where the corpse landed. That completely blows any chance of balistic analisys. That allows Julie Sweetie to argue the balistics any way she wants to.

Lumalite - GPD, well they continue on in the tradition of the FedEx Courier's wife there too. GPD bought the damn thing and sent how many "technicians" to school to learn to operate it, but it never seems to get used properly if at all. Who's kidding who? Lumalites are pretty damn indestructable, feel free to Google the manufacturer's information. That light and a camera would have provided answers, if any were still not washed away that night. Remember it was raining by the bucket the night Cadaver was shot.

So, we don't know where the Cadaver was when he got shot. We also don't know where Mr Scott was, because NOBODY located the casings and did the evidence work.

All we know is Julie Sweetie is out for Scott's blood, and she does have a nice @$$. Damn good thing she looked sweet pushing her evidence cart on camera or hell would be breaking loose.

Egan is probably crawling under his bence between the Prosecution case and the Juror going goofgoof with the air drums. Why did he open with only 14 people in the Jury Box on this case?

Should Scott be convicted the wacked juror being reported on by the "Media" is a guaranteed appeal.

Anonymous said...

Just started to look at some of these comments..its been some time since Chris was murdered. The problem here is that not one of you have the the true facts to our case. Why, because the facts were never presented. Chris was shot in his back at the top of the neighbors driveway..upward trajectory. That bullet enters the right side of his back and exits the left side of his chest where the bullet continues to enter the neighbors house with a continued upward trajectory. where scott could have killed other people. And of course this info. is not mentioned in trial..nor is scott charged for his actions. It is literally impossible to argue self-defense when the science to a case shows otherwise. Chris is shot a second time as he is falling to his death in a downward trajectory he is shot again in an angle away from Scott. The second bullet enters the ouside of his left hand that is placed over the wound from the first bullet and exits his left side and cradles itself in the bend of his arm.Both bullets were retrieved. If, Chris was charging Scott..then he would of had to run away back up the driveway to get the bullet in his back and that is the fatal bullet..and of course that is where he would have died at the top of the driveway. So, you see the coroners report was correct and was denied by the judge to the jury. And of course there is so much more evidence to our case that was purposefully left out by the DA and the Judge. We held all of the cards to put Scott in jail including the laws. You want the truth then talk to us..and you will get the facts not the media or a defense Attorney that was spinning lies and deception to a court and in contempt of court without anyone objecting. We were lied to by the DA including the ADA J. Finochio that had zero experience in homicide murder cases. We were set up to fail..and that is the truth.

SCATS said...

To 7:11PM ~~ No outsider followed this case as closely as I did. From the gitgo, Scott was used by GPD to try to distract from their upcoming meltdown under Rahn. I am aware there is nothing anyone can say to change your closed mind, so I won't even try. I just thank God that justice was served so that Mr. Scott could get back to what remained of his life left in turmoil.