Sunday, December 06, 2009

Greece UPA Seeks Donations

Claims Rahn was "root of the problem" ...
...  not the rank & file officers.

SCATS ~~ This letter fails to state what UPA stands for, hmmm ...


Anonymous said...

Do a search on google

"mark dobner" greece upa

The one result is their recent newsletter. Greece uniformed patrolmen assoc. You have to view as html . The address was too long to paste here. Again he says Rahn is the culprit. Once he uses the word "alleged" but further on he says his misdeeds are fact.

Thank you for recycling,scats.

Anonymous said...

Moreso, it's fuel for the fire. The agreement between our illustrious savior John Auberger and Merrittous Rahn was that they wouldn't talk about or use details pointing back to Rahn.

This letter clearly puts all blame squarely on Rahn. The letter from Jesus John did the same and Parinello publicly stated that he was in violation of their agreement.

I suppose now that the GPD and Little John figured that blaming Rahn for all the problems that are Greece worked for the election, so it'll work for the collection.

In reality, it just lines the taxpayers up for even more lawsuits.

That 10K Rahn collected for not passing go grows by the minute.

SCATS said...

To 11:39AM ~~ The result I found was linked to MPNNews, but when I opened the HTML, all I got was a headline about H1N1 Flu :( I wonder if someone made that disappear quickly?

To 11:41PM ~~ I wonder if Loszynski "approved this message" ...?

Anonymous said...

UPA would be on stronger ground if they a) were not so obviously sloppy in their work and b)raised these concerns much earlier.

Anonymous said...

The Greece UPA is not political. They do good things for the community - Shop With A Cop and Police Athletic League are terrific activities and worth supporting. I contribute twice a year for these activities. For you to tie it to town politics is ridiculous. Shame on you if you don't support good things being done in the community.

Anonymous said...

just scroll further down in the html where it says thanks to greece residents. Down and to the right. The accusation of Rahn and the administration is in there.

Anonymous said...

And 1:20 would like us to believe it's "not political".

Sure it isn't. And John Auberger is innocent.

SCATS said...

To 1:20PM ~~ You're entitled to your opinion. I put my money into organizations where the folks running it get paid NOTHING from Greece payrolls. Cops, especially Greece cops, don't qualify based upon my high standard ;)

SCATS said...

To 1:51PM ~~ After a lot of playing around, I finally found & copied the letter. Here it is for all to see:

Thanks for supporting
Greece police

I thank the many residents of
the town of Greece for their sup-
port over the past few months,
especially members of the
Northgate Neighborhood Asso-
The men and women of the
Greece Police Uniformed Patrol-
men’s Association have been
providing the highest level of
service to residents, despite al-
leged misdeeds of the upper
management. Officers work long
days with minimum staffing to
get the job done, even with a
small minority second-guessing
our every move or claiming
they’ve been wronged in the
This has not deterred the po-
lice officers of Greece. Crime
didn’t stop the day Merritt Rahn
was suspended, and neither did
the men and women of the UPA.
The root of the internal investi-
gation has found that the prob-
lems center on Rahn and not the
members of the association.
Our officers members are just
as outraged at the behavior of
Rahn as the residents are. I’m
proud to be the president of this
fine collection of officers who
daily place their lives in each
other’s hands — and on the line
— for the public.


Greece Police Uniformed
Patrolmen’s Association
The Greece UPA represents
64 members who hold the rank
of police officer. No supervisory
personnel are members.

Anonymous said...

This is a union thing - right?

SCATS said...

To 6:01PM ~~ I would assume so. In the past, I don't ever recall getting a letter from "UPA" and I'm rather intrigued that the meaning of UPA appears nowhere on the letter sent out. I have been solicited by PAL before. But I don't think I've ever been told the funds were destined for the Shop With A Cop program specifically.

Anonymous said...

This is different. I assumed the letter was from PAL Police athletic league? But as you pointed out it was from this upa. Which we had to look up ourselves to see what it was. I have never donated to a union before but that is what this appears to be. Why the change? Is the PAL defunct? That was a pet project of Gerry Phelan.
Why the mystery of what the UPA is?

SCATS said...

To 7:41PM ~~ This is probably another change for reasons of CYA. I doubt they can pin this on Rahn ;)

Didn't past letters from PAL contain a lengthy list of their board of directors, mostly names known among the political factions in Greece?

Anonymous said...

Standard police operations have been cancelled by order of Joseph Loczynski.

Only "rogue" factions may participate and are warned in advance that any variation from the plan will NOT be tolerated and I will pound on your doors til your neighbors question my sanity if you even try!