Sunday, December 20, 2009


Incident started following his DWI arrest by Monroe County Sheriff Deputy

After he was taken home, he threatened himself with a pistol

Then he walked through his neighborhood threatening himself & police

Police are unsure if the man fired his weapon


SCATS ~~ Another amazing incident that could ONLY happen in Greece ... how long will it be before police figure out whether he fired his gun or not? Thank goodness it isn't raining, or we might never know.


Anonymous said...

Reading this leaves me wondering how many rounds the police fired..... Do they even know?

Anonymous said...

* The good news is Loszynski is still here so let the new investigation begin!

** The bad news is Loszynski is still here so let the investigation begin!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this sound a bit like suicide by cop?

There are many depressed people during the holiday season or their depression worsens at this time of year

OF course the police can do a lot avoid shooting too. Perhaps it was not well handled if it is suicide

SCATS said...

To 8:36AM ~~ That thought occured to me. It sounds like there is more to this story ... much more ... like exactly what happened after the sheriff deputy dropped this guy off and whether he indicated to that cop that he was suicidal ...

The "update" is that GPD is keeping that neighborhood locked down while they investigate. How long does it take to collect evidence? The shooting happened around midnight.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to believe that deadly force was required. Police have other options. But suicide by cop is the most likely motive. But the guy was inebriated. So why did he have to die? Oh well, this gives the emperor with no clothes the excuse to hire Cerrito because it happened on the acting chief's watch. And why was Phelan the police spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

An officer is trained to fire at body center mass & to keep firing until the suspect is stopped.
Many police officers have been shot lately. Can you blame them when the guy points a weapon at them?

This is very sad for all involved.

Anonymous said...

The guy killed was arrested for DWI earlier that evening. How did he get out so quickly?
Do we want two more dead cops just to be politically correct? Sounds like a case of Suicide by Cop to me.
Those officers may have saved many more lives by their action.

SCATS said...

To 9:21AM ~~ Interesting questions. What I am not understanding here is that the MCSO deputy took the guy home. So how, when and why did GPD come to be involved? And perhaps more importantly, if police removed his wife safely from the house, why didn't they keep this fellow INSIDE? How the heck did they allow him to come out and tote his gun around the neighborhood? Why didn't they hole him up inside where he would be less of a menace to them and to OTHERS & then call the SWAT team?

Anonymous said...

To 9:21,

When a weapon is displayed & pointed at someone, the use of deadly fore is certainly justified. If that guy lit up those cops & then shot someone else, would you be faulting the cops for not stopping him sooner?
He did not drop his weapon when commanded. They also did not fire until it was pointed in their direction. The cops would have been wrong if they did not do what they did.
That guy's actions not the cops caused this sorry event.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff probably got him for dwi on some other road outside of Greece. They drove him home instead of his wife for some unknown reason. They usually are not that nice. Greece Police were called for the "domestic disturbance". Just guessing though from the story.
The firearm must have been not registered because when they process a person the registered firearm comes up as well as the pistol permit. Again just a guess but if that gun came up and they left a depressed drunk man with a gun at his house after an arrest for dwi then maybe the sheriffs have something to answer for.

Anonymous said...

I'm serious. I am leaving this town. This has gone beyond ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


You had better plan on leaving the county too. The guy was brought back into Greece by a County Deputy.

Anonymous said...

Scats @ 12:11 -
I think you are onto something. YNN says "Police say shortly after he was dropped off he retrieved a loaded hand gun and began threatening himself with it. His wife was home at the time.

She was assisted by arriving officers who helped her get out of the house safely.

Police say the man then exited his home and began walking around the neighborhood with the loaded pistol. Police say multiple commands for him to drop the weapon were not heeded and when he pointed the gun at two Greece officers, they fired."

Why was he allowed to leave his house after his wife got out? Another "Whoops!" for GPD!

Anonymous said...

Suicide by cop is always a difficult situation for all. After all someone may be pointing a gun at you. Still I can't help but wonder if ther cold be some better training for this type of situation to avoid this tragedy.

Is there anyone around on emergency psych call who can come to these situations? Park Ridge must have someone on 24 hour call?

Anonymous said...

Just another lawsuit against the Town they call Greece.

Happy Holidays shooters!

Anonymous said...

I've read the online news sites and watched the video on YNN. Lots of questions pop up.
Why did it take 4 or 5 shots by two cops to bring this guy down? Are they that out of practice? (Gotta give Rod Scott credit for hitting his mark)
Why wouldn't they tell the guy whose property they killed the man on what was going on? If the incident is over, what authority do police have to make you stay inside your house if you want to stand on your porch, lawn or sidewalk?
And why in heaven's name did this guy get taxi'd home by MCSO? Is that the usual procedure or are we going to find out this man had "connections"?
Since this is in closed and clubby Greece we may never know.

Anonymous said...


Lets see...

4 or 5 shots. That is 2 or 3 per man. Their pistols hold 10. They train for multiple shots. Shows some restraint to me.

The owner was asked to go back inside. Oh yeah it was a CRIME SCENE. It is not your civil right to interfere with an ongoing investigation or incident in progress. If I heard shots fired, I sure as he** wouldn't be outside checking it out.

You are dead on right about the role of the MCSD in this. That is the first issue that needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad this didn't happen in your neighborhood SCATS then you would NOT be so quick to judge the GPD. How'd you like to find a gun toting drunken waving a gun down your street?? Not a pleasant sight. But you have other things to worry about like all those Cervini type kids at OLYMPIA HS pissing in your back yard and stealing your holiday lights.

Anonymous said...

If only Doug Skeet could have gotten the Pink & Purple Crisismobile started he could have responded from the donut shop and safely neutralized the situation.

Doug has so much experience in solving these fast moving events he could probably have solved it by phone if only he had the drunk's cell number.

SCATS said...

To 6:25PM ~~ You have your "facts" all jumbled up. First of all, there was a person in my neighborhood who was firing a weapon inside their home in the middle of the night not so long ago. Unfortunately, we found out about it by reading the "police reports" column about 10 days after the fact. Secondly, the Cervini's never attended Olympia HS as far as I'm aware. Thirdly, I'm not aware of anyone stealing lights this year in the neighborhood where I reside. Fourthly, people who urinate in other people's yards have usually been drinking and tend to do this in warmer weather and often in conjunction with things like the Barnard Carnival, I'd imagine. Fifthly, for someone with so much to say, you really don't know what you're talking about, do you?

To 11PM ~~ While I don't agree with Doug Skeet regarding the Cervini incident, I think you've gone over the edge in attempting to detract from his way of handling things ... just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

At least this guy had a gun. Sounds pretty obvious to me. I will make this this as simple as possible. Man points gun at Police or anyone they have a right to shoot. As far as why 2 police officers shot at him. I am sure in less than the one second Life and Death deicsion that they had to make they didn't have time to have a 3 second conversation on who was going to shoot the guy. Alcohol and guns don't mix. Since everyone else is going out on a limb and already judging people without facts. It sounds like the guy had many problems in his life, dealt with problems with alcohol and made a very poor decsion.

I agree with the Scott Verdict...but at least this guy was armed.

Anonymous said...

to 2:23 pm.
"Why was he allowed to leave his house after his wife got out? Another "Whoops!" for GPD!"

Think for a moment. I know it is hard since you are probably a Greece graduate. How are they going to stop a man from leaving his house? They can't wrestle with him. HE HAS A GUN. They won't taser him, they would have to get to close to a man with a loaded gun. As the old saying goes, "you don't a knife (taser) to a gun fight." Were they suppose to shoot him? Don't think so. Apparently no one was threatened yet. Come on people give GPD a break. Many families holidays are now ruined because of this.

SCATS said...

To 9:01AM ~~ I think the comment was meant to question why they would permit a man who was threatening himself (and possibly others, but not sure at that point in time) out onto the streets where he is much harder to control. Other people and homes are in jeopardy with the guy walking the street instead of inside his home. Thank goodness he didn't start shooting at everyone or anything as he was walked the block. I wonder if they ever gave thought to shooting him when he was still inside ...

SCATS said...

Thanks to 13WHAM, I think I've found the reason why Miller was able to leave his home with a gun in hand:

"Monroe County Sheriff's deputies said Miller was arrested for misdemeanor DWI in Clarkson Saturday night. When a deputy took him home around 12:30am Sunday, he brought Miller inside, removed his handcuffs, and briefly spoke to his wife outside. When the two came back in, Miller was holding a gun.

“He backed out of the front door and still maintained a visual of the residence, and was able to get the female out of the residence,” said Brian Uhrmacher acting chief of the Greece Police Department, Sunday."

Anonymous said...

"Very hard to believe that deadly force was required. Police have other options. ... So why did he have to die?"

Now I know this site is totally full of bull. A guy (not a cop) shoots and kills an unarmed (yes punk) kid and SCATS and the vast majority here say it was fine.

Greece police officers shoot and kill an armed person, out in the neighborhood, who then points his firearm at the officers...

And people here immediately chastise and begin attacking the police officers.

You are all a bunch of hypocrites who treat the police with disdain and support unnecessary vigilantism. Very, very sad.

SCATS said...

To 11:48AM ~~ Actually, the vast MAJORITY in society are full of bull (as you put it) since Scott was found NOT guilty by a jury of 12. What you and a few others seem to have lost sight of is that those "kids" (teen thugs is more like it based on their history) were breaking the law, COMMITTING A CRIME. You've also lost sight of the fact that sometimes criminals LOSE and the "good guy" wins (thanks Lonsberry for reminding us of that!). And last but not least, asking questions about the conduct of our local PD which has been the center of numerous scandals lately is not only justified, but our right and maybe even our civic responsibility as good taxpaying citizens. There's NOTHING hypocritical about it.

Merry Christmas :)