Sunday, December 06, 2009

Convicted Felon Retraces Theft of Rahn's Gun

D&C Finds & Interviews Prisoner Kenneth DeFazio A Decade After Stealing the Beretta Cougar From Merritt Rahn's Unmarked Car in 1999

A video of a portion of the interview is on the D&C website.

Upcoming Court Dates ~~ Rahn is scheduled to return to court for pretrial argument hearings Tuesday, but his attorney is involved in Roderick Scott's trial so the hearing is likely to be postponed.

Gary Pignato, imprisoned for coercing a woman into sex, is scheduled to be in court Wednesday, when it may be determined whether a plea deal is likely in a second criminal case against him.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone on here received the Greece PAL request for funds for shopping with cops. The letter says that there was only wrongdoing on the part of Merritt Rahn and implied was we shouldn't hold it against them. So this group has tried and convicted him without a trial? Let's hope his lawyer gets hold of this letter. Aren't we innocent till proven guilty in all of America including Greece?

SCATS said...

To 10:21AM ~~ I received a PAL letter seeking a contribution, but it did not state what the money would be used for as far as I recall ... hmmm ... very interesting ...

SCATS said...

I searched through the recycling box and found the letter. You are correct 10:21AM. I didn't read the whole thing ... in fact, I think it's pretty interesting that this letter claims Rahn was "the root" of their problem. I wonder if Parrinello knows ;)

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that they refer to Merritt Rahn as the man with 2 first names.

I've always referred to John Auberger as the man with 2 faces.