Monday, December 21, 2009

Comptroller: End To Federal Stimulus $$ To Leave Schools In "Dire Straits"

$2 Billion funding gap expected even if state aid remains the same
Property taxes would have to rise 7.7% to keep the status quo


SCATS ~~ This should be heeded as a warning by the Greece BOE that the time has come to make some SIGNIFICANT CUTS in non-educational areas ... stipends, coaching fees, transportation, administration, travel, training, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it our superintendent that was quoted as saying he wasn't worried because we have reserves and the money will only be "delayed" and will show up from the state eventually. So he was wrong? We should be worried.

Anonymous said...

It's time to start adding up the damages taxpayers are going to be asked to face. Greece school budget up 7% in 2010 without adding anything new. Another 8% increase because of loss of stimulus funds. The boe will decide if they should add to our burden with higher taxes on most to give a break to senior citizens by increasing senior income limits. Hmmmmm looks like its time to get the heck out of NY state!!!!

Anonymous said...

Should we still be sending all children to baby-sitting school regardless of their need to prepare for first grade? I think not! Same goes for all-day kindergarten!

When they say they cannot save any money, I know where to look!

Does the finance committee?