Friday, December 11, 2009


Evidence of past use of marijuana also present in blood, according to Jeanne Beno, the chief toxicologist for the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office.


Berkeley Brean reports that one juror keeps falling asleep during testimony. Also plays "air drums" and silently "sings" songs. He even nodded when a toxicology witness was asked about TZHC, a component of marijuana.

SCATS ~~ With each passing day of testimony, it is looking more and more like taking Roderick Scott to trial is a huge waste of taxpayer money intended to railroad a citizen who did exactly what he claimed he did: defended himself with a legally permitted weapon!

The teens involved were repeat trouble-makers, liars and thieves who held no respect for the property of others and Chris Cervini illegally smoked, drank and used drugs which may well have led to his decision to charge at Scott and result in his own death. I'm searching hard but I haven't heard much evidence to support anyone's contentions about what happened that night, except for Mr. Scott's.


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In the bigger picture, the three boys used poor judgement at every turn. Crime doesn't pay and Chris Cervini is the poster boy for that slogan.

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They already let one juror go for unspecified reasons. If the judge boots this one, they will be down to only 12 jurors. If one of them gets swine flu it will be a mistrial won't it?

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Is there really such a thing as "legally drunk" in a general sense?

I thought that term (legally drunk) only applied to "driving" and every thing else was "intoxicated" which came into play in conjunctioin with committing some other crime? I know the press uses "legally drunk" all the time but they also think tax rate changes and and costs changes are the same thing. Does anyone know for sure?

SCATS said...

To 11:23AM ~~ Your point is interesting. If I'm not mistaken, there are laws on the books so that anyone who is "intoxicated" can be arrested for behaving like they are intoxicated when in public. I don't know that they have to actually take a breathalyzer to determine that either ... so possibly there is no numerical value associated with making such an arrest.

I suspect that the media, the public and possibly even the lawyers have used "intoxicated" and "drunk" interchangeably in this trial.