Saturday, November 07, 2009

Senior Tax Exemptions Discussion Tuesday

The Tuesday BOE Meeting Will Include Discussion of Senior Income Exemptions (see BoardDocs memo under 3.03 on the agenda)  & the BOE's Options Which Include:

• Leave the current Exemption Schedule in place and revaluate it again next year.

• Change the current Exemption Schedule for the 2009-10 school year up to the statutory limit, or a value in between.

• Any change to the current schedule would need to be finalized by February 1, 2009 for the 2009-10 property taxes. In addition, a public hearing would be required.

Nearly 1300 properties could be impacted leaving the rest of us to pay for the "relief" provided to senior citizens who may be living in properties with (comparitively) very high assessed values.

SCATS ~~ Should the BOE "rob Peter to pay Paul" based upon age discrimination (which this is!)?


Anonymous said...

I think the board should vote to give the teachers a fair pay settlement with fair benefits and with that accomplished immediately agree to reduce the property tax rate by 17.5% for all property owners not just old peolpe with hidden assets. Amen!

Charlie Hubbard said...

School board(s) and town board(s)incuding Greece have demonstrated incompetence by giving tax breaks to one group while NOT being able to answer how much they are RAISING taxes on 'others' to pay for it.
Politics over purpose.

This is not rocket science.
The tax reduction being talked about here was supposed to be eliminated when STAR came on the seen vut thanks to school board(s) incompetence it was not.
As a result we have over 800 homes in Greece who pay NO school tax at all and Greece is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in STAR reembusement from the state.
But, who cares.
Anyone wishing further explanation should feel free to contact me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the school board understands how these tax breaks impact STAR reimbersements?

Has anyone on the board asked the finance committee to look into the lost income associated with the many tax breaks given to various special interest classes of property?

And Hubbard is right--all the rest of us have to make up for that lost income. How can the board make a value judgements on these tax breaks without all the facts on the table.

Talk about the need for an investigation!

Charlie Hubbard said...

I will say it again, THIS program costs taxpayers TWICE.

#1 When a reduction is given one group 'others' pay more.

#2 The local tax rate needs to be higher (and is) to make up for the lost STAR reembustment from the state directly attributed to this program.

Anonymous said...

So Hubbard understands. I get it. But what about the board?

SCATS said...

To 1:31PM ~~ This is an emotionally & politically charged issue. How do you think our BOE will respond???

There MIGHT be a BOE member or two who actually understand. However, they are too close in age to the exemption to consider it rationally (my opinion). The others are going to do the "feel good" and "PC" thing ... some of them honestly believe seniors shouldn't have to live within their means like the rest of us.
It's OK to have a $350,000 house with a pass on school tax that the rest of the community will pay for." Nevermind the fact they probably can't afford the upkeep if they can't afford their taxes.

Charlie Hubbard said...

The abuse on this program is rampid - make no mistake.

My final point is 'any' and 'every' representitve with taxing athority should know what the additional amount is $$ they are asking 'other' taxpayers to pay. If they can't do that they are 'half' educated.
Based on past experience that means 'most' as most decisions on items like this are based on 'touchy/feely' rather than facts.