Sunday, November 01, 2009

SCATS Endorses Kathleen Trimmer for Receiver of Taxes

In recent years when I've entered Town Hall's "Service Mall" to pay a tax bill, I usually have some questions. Sadly, my inquiries are too often met with a grumpy retort by the employee who gets to "help" me. Often, my questions are NOT answered fully. I shouldn't have to chase either people or paper to get a response. I've witnessed elders treated poorly if they dare to question anything, too. They remind me of the DMV Maggie Brooks "fixed" years ago. To me, this signals the need for some major change in "The Service Mall." I think Kathleen Trimmer is the change we need. Please read her message to voters poster inside the Comments area.


SCATS said...

To the residents of Greece,
Please allow me to introduce myself as a candidate for the Receiver of Taxes position and provide you some background information about myself.

I am a 24 year employee of Kodak/ITT; my division of Kodak was sold to ITT in 2004.

Currently I am the ISSM – Information Systems Security Manager for ITT-Space Systems Division. I provide all aspects of Computer Security for our secure areas.

I have a TS SCI security clearance. I have been finger printed and under gone a back ground check which includes an intensive investigation as to my financial situation...Am I in debt, do I live beyond means, do I abuse alcohol or drugs, Does my life style represent someone who’s allegiance to the United States should be questioned…..The Government Investigator speaks to my family members, Co-workers and Neighbors. This is repeated every 5 years in order to maintain the clearance.

I am a CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The CISSP was the first credential in the field of information security, accredited by the American National Standards Institute. CISSP certification is not only an objective measure of excellence, but a globally recognized standard of achievement. Positions in many large corporations and governmental agencies worldwide now require this certification.

I also have the A+ as well as Network+ certifications from COMPTia

I supervise a team of employees that is responsible for Implementing Computer Security Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with Government directives. We perform audits and develop reports to monitor on-going compliance.

I give large scale briefings to education approx 1,600 employees regarding computer security. This includes all types of employees from the manufacturing floor, administrative employees, 1st line supervisors as well as senior management.

In 2007, In addition to my ISSM responsibilities, I was picked to become a member of the corporate audit team, traveling to various value centers within ITT across the United States to perform audits that are required by the Department of Justice. This team is mandated to audit all levels of compliance and report back to senior management as well as our government customers.


SCATS said...

I am married, have three children and three grandchildren.

I have been a resident of Greece for approx 23 years, 20 of them as a home owner on Floren Drive. I am not a career politician I am a resident who has some serious concerns regarding the ability of our current administration. After raising our children we sold our family home and purchased a fixture upper across the street. Gutting this home required interfacing with Town Hall on a regular basis. We endured the need to obtain permits at every turn. While constructing our foyer the guidance we received during construction was different depending on which employee we talked to. The end result; we had to bore holes in the new foundation of our foyer to be compliant with the town inspector direction. We could have done this during the construction phase had we been given proper information.

Since June I have been knocking on doors delivering the message that I want to update the Town’s web site to include the ability to pay taxes on line, publish the town budget, the town meeting agenda and meeting minutes. I have also suggested an area on the web site be dedicated to the four ward representatives so the residents will know who their representative is, what they are working on and how to contact them. Obviously the current administration must have thought these were good ideas as approx a week and a half ago, the new town web site went live. I have to ask, why did it take so long to provide this basic customer service to the residents?

If elected I will perform the responsibilities of the Receiver of Taxes to the best of my ability. I will question issues that arise to ensure the highest level of integrity and accuracy within this office. I will look for ways to reduce cost while still maintaining a high level of customer service.

I will be a visible employee; residents will be able to contact me directly.

I will take responsibility for my actions and expect to be held accountable for those actions.

Thank you for considering me on Tuesday Nov. 3rd.

Kathleen Trimmer

Anonymous said...

She most definitely has MY vote...and everyone I talk to agrees.

The "other" Receiver of Taxes has held her position far too long and is not up to current knowledge of what it takes to have the organization and oversight required to do the job by today's standards.

Kathleen Trimmer has many solid ideas.

Best of luck to her!

Anonymous said...

Now that's one smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

Taylor has done a good job of receiving my taxes. Why change!

SCATS said...

To 8:04AM ~~ 1 - Because her dept. treats the public with disdain instead of courtesy. 2 - Because she "launders" the tax $$ that get paid in salaries to the GOP Town Hall cronies who deposit a percentage back into the "Friends of John T Auberger Campaign Fund."
3 - After 24 yrs. her "term limits" are up.

Anonymous said...

Trimmer has an absolutely impressive bio!....very extensive credentials. She's exactly who we need to trust with our tax dollars.

The Democrats did a great job of finding excellent candidates--it's been a long time coming to finally have credible people who know and want to do their jobs effectively and honestly.