Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robach Bill Would Poll Voters On Split Of NY State

Counties could ask voters: "Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?"


SCATS ~~ Has Joe gone over the edge?


Anonymous said...

This is what "career" politicians do when they have NO ideas to offer up on the financial situation in Albany.
Has anyone heard a cost cutting measure from Mr. Robach or other local state reps? Items like this are all about diverting attention from their lack of ideas.
The worst part is "WE" keep sending people like this back to Albany over and over and then wonder why we have financial problems.

Anonymous said...

talk about grandstanding
That is all this is just publicity for upstate and playing to the base for the next election.

Joe ought to be separated form New York state and sent packing.

Upstate New York as a separate entity would go form being one of the have states to one of the have nots.

Anonymous said...

If the upstate politicians were better statesmen in the assembly and senate and weren't cowards we wouldn't have such a problem.
And how about the act of congress that we would need to admit our "new state" into the union. We would become the puerto rico of the north if they wouldn't accept us. Maybe we could become our own country. Joe-topia.

brian said...


Anonymous said...

8;17 makes a good point. However Joe will run vitually unopposed because the dems have no idea how to cut spending either therefore yet another candidate with no ideas.
I hope the conservative party at least stands their ground and refuses to endorse any of these incompetent state reps we have now.

Anonymous said...

To fix the problems in all areas of governement, cut all unnecessary spending govt. For example, this would would mean the GCSD administrative retreat in which they spent tens of thousands of dollars that they went on this past summer. Seems to work well. We need a new Superintendant and several more administrators that WILL be replaced, and how many lawsuits were brought against us?

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, to become Northern Pennsylvania.

What a total idiot he is. Does he not realize that the part he wants to axe off holds the port of NY where most of the goods are received that come through to our part of the state?

I can see it now - the amount of taxes we will have to pay to get pasta will be through the roof.

Can we drug test Robach? Or has he finally jumped off the cliff in his brain? Maybe that beating the cop whose wife he was sleeping with did some permanent damage?

This all stems from a spoiled little GOP brat who is pissed off that the big bad Dems that control the majority downstate won't give him all the earmarks he grown addicted to.

So if he splits upstate off, he can once again reign king of the GOP in the upstate world.


Anonymous said...

We need referendum; that is at least possible and could result in real change. Priorites, Joe!

Anonymous said...

I've been to PA and they don't pay more for pasta.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, I would rather see all this energy put into getting a constitutional convention approved with the condition that no sitting state or county legislator could be part of the convention delegates. The convention should address term limits, limits to the "authorities" that control the thruway and so many other aspects of our daily lives, limits of the state government passing mandates to the counties without sending the funding down as well, even the need for two legislative houses in state government. Since both Assembly and Senate are population based, one should suffice and would cut costs tremendously. C'mon, Joe, let's generate a popular uprising about something that can actually be done and might improve our lives in NY.

Graehaven said...

What we need? Initiative and Referendum. Are we ever going to get it? Not in a million years.

Would splitting the state help upstate NY? Abso-freakin-lutely! Will it ever happen? NO. (This type of bill has been introduced year after year, for many years).

What we DON'T need? A constitutional convention. Why? Because if there was one, with the current people in control, we'd lose every right we have left, not to mention that any and all constraints on government would be abolished. The big government lovers would like nothing more than a Con-Con, they would gain more control than ever dreamed. Bad. Very bad.