Sunday, November 01, 2009

Our Response To GOP Mailer Portraying Maloney As "The Devil" ..

The Good 'Ole Boys Must Be Feeling Extreme Desperation!
Don't forget to check out SCATS' BLOG about Auberger's connections to It's scarier than the devil!


Anonymous said...

I have only one question for Jack:

What would Jesus think of all of the things you have done to our community?


SCATS said...

To 3PM ~~ My question to Auberger is:
"What would Jesus do??"
Lie? Misrepresent his opponents? Absolve himself?

Anonymous said...

isn't one of the 10 commandments thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife?

Anonymous said...

This "Devil" mailing is only one in the desperate attempts of the Auberger backers. Last Friday, Bob Bilsky's last-minute desperation flyer is the absolute last word in hypocracy and audacity.

In that mailing, Bilsky had the nerve to question Joe's performance as a volunteer, unpaid member of our School Board. How dare he criticize Joe regarding his performance when his record for eight years was a joke as he faithfull turned up for 10 minute board meetings equipped with his rubber stamp, hired Pignato, hired Joseph, went along with all the Auberger mistakes, made himself unavailable to his constituents
and then collected his $12,500 in addition to his salary working for Maggie Brooks.

Joe, on the other hand over his three years on the board attended at least 87 meetings, most of which lasted 5 hours or more, actually he only missed one regular business meeting, sometimes missed the Executive sessions, most of which were illegal during that time. For this he received no compensation.

So I ask you, who's the scofflaw here? You be the judge.