Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pignato's Atty Seeks To Limit Testimony Of 12 Women

Allegations of 12 women who claim Pignato acted inappropriately or in a sexual manner could be prejudicial 

"There is a balancing effort the judge will do, regarding our right to seek evidence that's important for a jury to hear, versus what could potentially be prejudicial." ~~ Bill Gargan, ADA

"Not only is Gary Pignato linked to some of the things he’s convicted or accused of, now he's being linked with the politics of the Town of Greece as well." ~~ Joe Damelio, atty for Pignato


SCATS ~~ If he'd tell us how Nick Joseph got home & why Brian Ball doctored a police report, I'd cut him a deal!

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Anonymous said...

No matter how much of a sc**b** the defendant might or might not be,the DA isn't allowed to bring in extraneous information on the defendant. The testimony of the other women is only allowed if it pertains to the specific charge that Mr Pignato is facing in this trial. It is his actions in this specific case that matters, not his reputation. If the 12 women have a charge, them let the DA make the case in those actions.