Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pignato, Scott Trials Scheduled To Start Monday

YNN reports that the second trial for Gary Pignato might be delayed. His attorney, Joseph Damelio, is still busy defending Frank Garcia.

The D&C reports that Justice David Egan has denied their request to permit cameras in the courtroom during the Roderick Scott trial. Oddly, Egan gave no reason for his decision and neither prosecutor nor defense has had a chance to form an opinion on such a request.

A reminder to all of you Republicans ~ Sunday is Merritt Rahn's fundraiser. For just $25, you can show your support at the Italian-American Sports Club.  I see the D&C has now removed this "reminder" from the page with the story about Scott!

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Anonymous said...

Roderick Scott will be found innocent despite Brian Ball's attempt to railroad him. This case has all the circus ingredients the media could ever want - black guy shoots white teen, white teen drugged and liquored up, case processed by now alleged felon from Greece police, and case defended by JP. The only thing this case doesn't have is a chance of sticking.