Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Violence At Olympia HS

MPNNews Reports: Staff at the Greece Olympia High School are assisting the Police Department in identifying suspects, allegedly a group of Olympia freshmen, who attacked a man Oct. 21.

SCATS ~~ That's two violent attacks by a group of people only one week apart (reference the next BLOG below this one) involving Olympia HS. I think the community should be asking if this is gang related.


Anonymous said...

OHS is Greece's 'ghetto school of choice'. Goth 'N Gangs defines them. District office, the bored with education bobbleheads and even their own PTSA have ignored and neglected OHS for close to two decades. No surprises here.

Anonymous said...

There are no gangs in the Town of Greece. Stop spreading rumours.

SCATS said...

To 9:15PM ~~ I know who uses the British spellings and I know you know better about gangs in Greece. It didn't make the news (again, no surprise there) but the Home Depot was held up this week by someone with a knife who escaped on foot. Welcome to Greece.