Monday, November 02, 2009


Lonsberry Explains Why He's Dropped John:

"In a patronage-heavy town, if you wanted a job, you had to get past John Auberger.

He is pretending otherwise now because two disgraced cops hired by his department probably were brought on at his direction. John Auberger denies that, and essentially says that all he did was follow the recommendations and background checks provided him.

That’s what made me drop him."



Auberger DECLINED to debate Maloney TODAY  on WHAM1180AM
HE WAS "TOO BUSY!" (I wonder if he's started shredding documents & packing up? Hmmm ... )

Maloney was on Brother Wease (95.1AM) today @9AM.


SCATS said...

Summary of the Wease interview ~~ Wease did most of the talking, around 80%. Wease read a good portion of Lonsberry's column on air. There was a brief discussion about the hiring of Pignato. Maloney pointed out the hypocracy of Auberger trying to appeal to the religious right when he himself hired Pignato WITH PRIOR KNOWLEDGE about Pignato's involvement in hiring the transvestite to perform oral sex on a fellow cop when Pignato worked for RPD.

Maloney mentioned that photos exist of people removing his campaign signs and piling them in the back of a truck BUT that media "is only interested if they are caught red-handed."

Maloney briefly mentioned issues with property assessments in Greece and pointed out that it was the D&C who "discovered" the problems with condo assessments in Greece (not Auberger) which are only now getting corrected.

Anonymous said...

It must have been quick
I missed it.

SCATS said...

To 10:25AM ~~ Today, you get a second chance :)

Tune into WHAM 1180AM at 11AM to hear Maloney & Auberger debate.

SCATS said...

Auberger "TOO BUSY" to debate Maloney on Lonsberry Show today."

Approx. 1 hr. before showtime, Auberger declined the debate and said he was too busy to be available in either the studio or by telephone.

Lonsberry played a Robo-Call sent out this past weekend that "Warns Greece residents" about Maloney teaming up with Rahn.

"Rahn wants Maloney for Greece Supervisor ..."

"Dan Maloney and Merritt Rahn are a dangerous combination .."

Lonsberry pointed out that it was ridiculous to blame Maloney for Rahn.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Auberger has failed to take responsibility for anything
= THAT speaks volumns.
It also says the same thing could happen again.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Maloney for making himself accessible to the media and listeners to show his commitment and dedication to the residents of Greece and the issues.

Auberger was always good at hiding from us..can't change the spots on a leopard.

Anonymous said...

Auberger showed his true color:


SCATS said...

Auberger was "too busy" ... shredding papers and packing up ;)

Anonymous said...

Auberger couldn't show up. He knew Maloney had transcripts of his testimony about the bad cops he hired.

Anonymous said...

Auberger was afraid Maloney would confront him about all those nasty and untruthful mailers Greece residents got over the weekend. Something smells bad in Greece. Tuesday is TAKE OUT THE TRASH DAY.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the Sunday paper about the taxes of condo owners in Greece that had been too high for countless years. The new assessor has remedied the situation for the future. Another blemish on the past record of the town administration. They fixed it just before the election but it looks very bad for the Auberger people. It fixes the assessments for 114 condo unit owners but there are many hundreds of units in Greece. How are they sure that their taxes are properly assessed?
Probably we should never trust the assessments we get each year.