Sunday, November 08, 2009

Engineering Report on APAC Seating Ready

D&C Reports: Supt. To Share Report On Options Tuesday Night

Suggested "fix" comes with $471, 718 pricetag!

"There have been complaints about the seats being uncomfortable and having no view of the stage. We wanted to see what could be done." ~~ BOE Prez. Pat Tydings

SCATS ~~ Who commissioned this study from The Bernier Carr Group and at what cost? I thought they were assessing the structural repairs. When did that goal change? Hey Pat, what have you done about complaints that GCSD does a poor job of educating kids? You didn't commission a study on that!

The 17 page study can be seen on BoardDocs under agenda item 3.02.


Charlie Hubbard said...

Yet another item to use to avoid doing something about COST and QUALITY.
Unfortunatly THIS is what school boards do.
What ever you do don't hold people accountable for COST and QUALITY.

Anonymous said...

They needed to make fewer seats that are farther apart for more leg room. The only way to accomplish that is not merely to set the seats farther apart front to back but to rebuild the floor under the seats. It is impossible to do that. So what they will have to do is increase visibility by taking out the seats that have no view of the stage. Pretty hefty price tag to do that. In lieu of that they could just (for free) not sell tickets to the offending seats. They could have yellow tape around them and say they are reserved for the elephant in the board room.

SCATS said...

To 3:41PM ~~ I love your idea! LOL

Is that "elephant" named Steve Walts by chance?

Anonymous said...

Your poll should have an option for "don't spend ANY of MY money AT ALL!!"

SCATS said...

To 4:58PM ~~ Of course, I agree 100%! Back to reality now. This is Greece. Our politicians (yes, that includes BOE members, too) love to throw YOUR $$ around. It makes them feel powerful. Worth every penney, no??