Monday, November 02, 2009

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~~ Exhibit G

"Justice has been served and those who violated the public trust will be punished in accordance with the law." ~~ John Auberger, Greece Supervisor, regarding the assessor's scandal

This stock sentence is used for EVERYTHING Auberger let's happen on his watch ...
... Chuck Schwab ...
... Nick Joseph ...
... Gary Pignato ...
... Merritt Rahn ...

And those are just the ones we've "DISCOVERED."
Give John 4 more years and he will ADD to the list!
It's time Auberger face his punishment


HIRE DAN MALONEY ~~ He'll work for YOU.


Anonymous said...

Numbers for Greece voter turnout in past years:

2008 - 49,283
2007 - 15,072
2006 - 32,778
2005 - 19,817
2004 - 48,475
2003 - 30,980
2002 - 33,057
2001 - 22,587

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow's numbers will be!!

Anonymous said...

VOTE and the choice is YOURS.

DON'T VOTE and the choice is THEIRS!

Polls open from 6 am to 9 pm on Tuesday...make your voice heard...

your vote COUNTS.

SCATS said...

To 4:26PM ~~ You're two steps ahead of me :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry scats..;)

But you know how some folks will still sit on the fence, using any excuse not to go to the we can never say it enough times :D.

I was even looking for the phone number for people to call in case they needed a ride to get there! lol

Maybe you could post the link for people to get the election results when they come in tomorrow?

SCATS said...

Gee, Mz. Durbin, I sure hope you picked up plenty of ideas and comments on your visit here to post on that other site known for literary theft. Without SCATS and your sticky fingers, it would be floating belly-up.

Anonymous said...

Posting someone's last name without their permission. How did you know that person's last name? See you in court.

SCATS said...

To 7:51AM ~~ You're beyond funny! LOL

1 - There is absolutely NOTHING illegal about posting a last name. SMITH. JONES. BLACK. WHITE. GRAY. BROWN. See?
2 - You have no idea regarding who or what the name referred to unless it's YOU.
3 - Since that name is only a LAST name and there's a dozen of them in the phone book, you'll need to prove WHICH PERSON I'm referring to first.
4 - Even if you take care of numbers 1-3 above, you still have to prove that what I said isn't true.

Anonymous said...

Violation of privacy. Blogger will give up your identity in a second when the law is involved.

SCATS said...

To 10:58AM ~~ I'll refer you to #2-3 in my previous posting. AND the person will HAVE TO PROVE THAT THEY are "the one" I referred to. Maybe the person I meant was unlisted. Or not from Greece. There's a myriad of combinations.

Anonymous said...


You do know that Blogger doesn't consider it a violation of privacy to post someone's full name, right?

It's the words around the full name that can cause trouble if untrue.

SCATS said...

To 12:01PM ~~ In the scheme of things, what matters to Blogger is nearly irrelevant if someone is talking about a lawsuit. In this case, I'm pretty sure the offending party (or is it offended party? lol) will just resort to their usual cut & paste antics ;) I'm unconcerned either way.

Anonymous said...

"...what matters to Blogger is nearly irrelevant if someone is talking about a lawsuit."

'cept Blogger would have to "give you up" as 10:58 asserts.

SCATS said...

To 1:47PM ~~ I'm confident I've done nothing worthy of such action. However, if you'd like numerous actionable examples, the false accusations lodged against a named individual who were dispelled by yet another named individual (in writing, signed & posted) but never taken off the blog are still online and fully viewable at the infamous site where sticky fingers dumps her goods. Now THAT could bring plenty of trouble. Fortunately, I've retained complete copies of all such "infractions" in case I ever need them.


SCATS said...

To the poster who made claims to more FALSE ACCUSATIONS:
I'll add that to my lengthy list of your unfounded, unproveable and altogether laughable compendium of complaints.

I will not be threatened or bullied by cyber stalkers. Interpretation: Because I am the one who does the bullying/stalking ;) lol

Anonymous said...


sorry couldn't help commenting!