Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~~ Exhibit F

Did I also mention mean-spirited, dysfunctional, dishonest and wasteful of your tax dollars? The Greece GOP cronies can't be trusted.

Braddock's Bay has been left to fester, a broken promise to Greece boaters and the marina operator.

Call Town Hall with a complaint and they want your name, address & phone number to call you back ... after they see if you donate to the Friends of Auberger fund??

At a recent forum, Auberger was more interested in getting the name & address of the person asking him tough questions than he was in responding to the issues raised.

Once the Fair Campaign Practices deadline passed, the Greece GOP mailed out anti-Maloney flyers they KNOW wouldn't pass muster!

Robert Marone of Rob-U-Trad fame donated funds accepted by John Auberger!

Auberger's campaign donations list is filled with people who work for the Town of Greece and Greece PD ... nothing stinky about that, right Jack? We pay our taxes. Auberger uses it to pay their salary. They deposit part of it back into Auberger's campaign war chest. Tax dollars laundered by the Town!

A "fair" assessment in Greece is based upon who you know, not what you own.


"I Didn't Know!"
"I Called for an Investigation!"
" I Had Faith!"
" I Left No Stone Unturned!"
" $400,000+ Absolved


Anonymous said...

Dang, the rotting fish is gone. Oh well, love Napoleon.

Thank you for the "exhibits" scats. You've done a great job of chronically listing all of the lies.

It's really pretty sad for the little fellow when you look at it all on one page like this.

As a taxpayer, I am saddened, and angered. I feel duped, and betrayed.

I will be voting straight Democrat on Election Day. I am registered as a Conservative, my wife is a Republican and our 2 children and their spouses all live here.

We have all decided over Sunday dinner our final choices.

I'll offer my best wishes and congratulations to Mr. Maloney now. It's such a shame that it took scandal to bring this town down.

And a note to Mr. Maloney. I hope you keep your camapaign promises. We'll be watching.

Oh well, off to work now. (Yes at 2:00 AM)

Anonymous said...

Just heard Brother Wease invited
Dan Maloney on his talk show today
at 9 AM. Hope someone hears it and posts an update as I will be working.

SCATS said...

To 7:01AM ~~ Thanks, I'll try to check it out.

Anonymous said...

We had had the "family talk", too, (as my kids/spouses live in Greece), and we're going Dem all the way this election.

I heard Maloney say he is a Moderate and a Conservative on social issues.

I hope there is a higher turnout than usual, and they help put the right people in office to bring Greece back to the high standards it once had.

Having the pressure to prove themselves must be tremendous, but the Dem candidates all seem up for the challenge. Best of luck to them all.