Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~~ Exhibit E

"I hire everyone."   
"I don't recall that Pignato was there ..."
"I didn't do a written evaluation."
"I wasn't asked to debate (Maloney)."
"We (Town Board) do all our "homework" at agenda setting meetings." (An illegal meeting since it isn't posted!)
"I had trust and faith in my employees."
"The laws prevent me from ... " (fill in the blank)
"I got the curfew at the mall." (He doesn't own/run the mall!)
"I built the Community & Senior Center without cost to taxpayers." (HA!! He must think we're really stupid!)
"I've kept taxes low." (Psst! Greece has the highest taxes of any town in Monroe County & Monroe County is at the top in the nation!)
"I hired Pignato based on recommendations I received ..." (Nevermind that Pignato hired a transvestite to perform oral sex on another RPD officer at a birthday party in a previous job! )
"I took action as soon as the problem came to light." (Regarding Rahn, your actions came 10 YEARS AFTER the "FELONIES" were committed!!!)

This list could go on and on and on! Feel free to add more in the Comments area.

The bottom line: John T Auberger accepts no responsibility for anything that goes awry! He's a "victim." "Victims" lead dysfunctioal lives. He's brought the Town of Greece to its knees with his dysfunctional "leadership" and dealings.


Anonymous said...


You have done a lot of homework here!!!!

IF the folks of greece actually read it Auberger would get at best the 20% hardcore fundies who will vote for anything with republican tag attached.

WE need to hope the message is getting out

Anonymous said...

Regarding Pignato being hired by Rahn and Auberger.
Why is it that Parinello "highly recommended" Pignato? Was he also his attorney? If he was then he knew about the special surprise gift to the RPD officer from Pignato since he had to defend him in those proceedings. is that commuendable?
He keeps saying that he was in the room and Auberger says he can't remember that? Still why wouldn't the press and the public be asking Parinello what is was that he saw in Pignato that he apparently coerced the town of Greece to hire him? Is he a hypnotist? How did Pignato get this lawyer who ran for mayor to be more than just his advocate in criminal proceedings. What is the connection?
How can an attorney defend a client (Rahn) when the attorney is using his own and (according to said attorney) sole advocacy for Pignato to buttress Rahn's contention that it was Auberger that wanted Pignato and he had nothing to do with it. Why can't Rahn get another attorney who will not be called as a witness in his upcoming trial? Is it that he can't afford another lawyer and Parinello is working for free. On the books the ex chief did not make enough money to pay this slick attorney and pay his own living expenses now that he is unemployed. Again is Parinello working for free and why? Is it so he can get all the evidence concerning the whole matter to protect himself?

SCATS said...

To 12:43PM ~~ Thank you. Lies always stick in my mind, especially when a politician tells them. I guess I learned that habit from Bill Clinton's Presidency ... "It depends on what the meaning of "is" is ...

YOU can help get the message out. Spread the word. Call your friends, visit your neighbors, talk to co-workers. Tell them the TRUTH.

Feel free to share this website as you see fit.

SCATS said...

To 12:48PM ~~ For some reason, people assume Parrinello might be working pro bono. Of course, maybe he is. However, he might be working at a reduced fee too. My own personal attorney has done many favors for me at reduced costs. A lawyer's fees are always negotiable.

PS ~~ Than there's the whole issue of hiring Nick Joseph based upon Maggie's hubby's good word. And hiring Loszynski because of his connections ... And planning to hire Cerretto as police chief soon ... despite his posturing to conduct a fair search.

Anonymous said...


But there is the reason of why??? Your lawyer probably does it for you because you are a nice person. And there is no way that you could be taking that many hours of your lawyer's time as this case is taking of Parinello's billable hours.
Imho there is too much fraternization between this lawyer and his clients so that he should not take the case for conflict of interest. When an attorney becomes a witness in a case to such a degree as this lawyer has admitted he should let another firm take the case. We can only assume he thinks it will never come to trial. Or we can assume that Rahn has signed a waiver that absolves him of wrongdoing due to possible conflict. Now if it comes to trial and Parinello stays as the attorney and witness for the defense and Rahn is found guilty, can Rahn use this lack of judgment in choosing counsel as grounds for appeal? Yes he can, so the DA should make sure if Parinello is a witness that he is not the attorney of record for Rahn. We conceivably could see our ex chief with a court appointed attorney when it comes to trial.

SCATS said...

To 1:16PM ~~ There are at least two factors in Rahn's situation that are being overlooked. First, it's my impression that Rahn & Parrinello's relationship goes back for a very long time. Politics has been part of that, I suspect. To what extent, I could only guess. Maybe Rahn has given Parrinello lots of referrals over the years. We know he did so in at least one shooting case in Greece, where Rahn hands the shooter his cell phone to talk to Parrinello. Talk about corrupt!

Secondly, I have never bought for even a split second that Rahn gave up so much money, benefits, etc. for a lousy $10,000 in return! There is MORE to this deal than we've been told. The "no disparagement" and "nondisclosure agreement" are shining examples that there's more to this saga.

I tend to think that Rahn's charges will be: 1 - reduced; 2 - dropped altogether (mostly or entirel); 3- plea bargained into some nearly meaningless misdemeanors ... or possibly he's been promised no jail time already.

The "truth" about this case will come out, but not until after November 3rd. Auberger's just trying to hoodwink people into giving him another free pass for 4 years more. It's not fooling me.

Anonymous said...

Auberger looks like a carp with that lip on.

SCATS said...

To 3:14PM ~~ I thought that said "crap" when I first read it LOL

Reminds me of that cartoon character, the older woman who says all the "honest" stuff ... one of her sayings is something like: "Wipe your lips. You've still got a tiny bit of BS stuck in the corner of your mouth." ;)

Anonymous said...

Parinello not only is a lawyer, but also an avid Republican. He cashed in on some political favors and asked Auberger to hire Pignato and Auberger complied. Just as everyone else in this Town is hired if you are a Republican and you "recommend" someone for a job, in this Town you will be given one. Practically everyone on the Greece payroll is either a Republcan or has been recommended by a party friend. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Parinello, as a party favorite, asked for a job for his client, Pignato, also a Republican.

It's as simple as that!

Anonymous said... THAT one I believe!