Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Closed, Clubby & Corrupt" ~ Exhibit C

Prayer before Greece Town Board meetings is
It's not about the "freedom" of religious expression. (I hope Linda Stephens is reading this.) Mr. Auberger, misrepresenting your intentions to instill YOUR PARTICULAR FAITH into Town Board meetings isn't very "Christian" of  you.

Here's the evidence with Auberger's name & face proudly displayed:

These web pages are annoyingly slow to open, so it requires patience. For that reason, I'm providing image "captures" of the evidence of Auberger's involvement, including the fact that his court case makes him "a hero" in the eyes of this group. By the way, one "purpose" of this organization is to try to get a chaplain's job and his million dollar pension (he said it was one million dollars in a video) recovered. Nowhere does this group promote any form of prayer other than the brand that "is in Jesus name."

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Anonymous said...

This really is sad and it makes Greece look like a backwards Podunk.

IF we are projecting this type of impression throughout the country we will not be very successful in attracting the kind of folks who will help Greece to grow.

The Falwell/ Robertson/ James Dobson target population are not wither high income earners nor great entrepreneurs.

For the most part they are the part of the lower middle class threatened by social change and looking for someone to tell them the old values will return.

What a mess

Anonymous said...

I thought Auberger was Jewish. LOL.

Anonymous said...

He's a heathen. He wears his religion on his sleeve - probably in exchange for something bigger from the churches.

Wow. There will be a major thunderstorm the day this man passes. The gates will slam shut on him for sure.