Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Case Of The Tail Wagging The Dog?

SCATS ~~ Since when do individual schools get to change the calendar/schedule? Doesn't this plan short-change the other students, inconvenience parents and create havoc with buses? If it is worth doing, why aren't ALL of the 8th grades participating district-wide?

From the News on the GCSD website: Early Release Day-February 12th-except for 8th Graders

Friday, February 12 will be an early release day for Odyssey Academy. All students except grade 8 will be sent home at 10:30. The remainder of the day will be spent with our eighth graders as the entire staff participates in a "Mini-ESK" that is, an Exhibition of Self-Knowledge that mirrors our senior ESK but is especially designed for our eighth graders.

This idea came from our seniors and from parent, student, and staff evaluations of our Senior ESK, which is now a tradition at Odyssey. Students particularly felt that they could not adequately discuss all seven years of secondary school. They also felt the speaking exhibition was a valuable experience and they would have liked to have tried it out earlier in their school careers.

Odyssey remains committed to assessment by exhibition, that is, to students showing what they know and can do in a variety of ways beyond traditional testing. The Exhibition of Self-Knowledge requires students to plan for the future, self-assess, and reflect on their academic, social-emotional, identify, work, and interests growth over time. These skills are encompassed in the New York State CDOS standards. Additionally, employers consistently report communication skills, particularly speaking, and interpersonal skills as their highest priority for young people entering the work force. Further, it is an Odyssey School Improvement Plan goal that all students will be prepared for their next steps after high school and will have a satisfying plan for their future.

The half day will allow the entire eighth grade to be individually assessed by a panel of staff members as well as to listen in on an exhibition and to participate in additional math and ELA assessment preparation. We expect this to become an Odyssey tradition, and we hope to develop the Mini-ESK to be as strong a part of our program as our Senior ESK.


Anonymous said...

Yupper, the tail is wagging the whole hound. Nothing is too good for some buildings. Did the super have to sign onto this plan? The boe?

Anonymous said...

When is the make-up day for those let out early?

Or do some get short changed on thier eduation. I hope not!

SCATS said...

To 12:06AM ~~ If they did, they didn't tell anyone else.

To 3:44AM ~~ Make-up day? Ha! They will be in school long enough for the district to collect their State Aid. After that, who cares? Certainly not the folks running this place.

Anonymous said...

Sue Meiers will never lower herself and play subordinate to the incompetant administration or schoolboard. Remember how she handled the no hats policy? Make no mistake. She's queen bee of her own little kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the principal should rethink the half day. Another Odyssey news item posted on the GCSD web page contains an interesting misspelling-
"Extracuricular Clubs 2009-10"

Anonymous said...

whooo call the spell check police, wow......Nothing better to complain about than a mis spelled word?

SCATS said...

To 2:02PM ~~ You're right. Any resemblance to an actual school district is merely coincidental.

By the way, "misspelled" is correct. Did YOU attend Odyssey?

Anonymous said...

Odyssey - the only school in the district with a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. They're obviously doing things wrong over there.

Maybe we should let the tail wag the rest of the flea-bitten mutt. It might shake out a few more Merit Scholars.

SCATS said...

To 9:35PM ~~ What makes you think Odyssey had much to do with that person's performance? For all you know, MAYBE the kid is a genius. Or MAYBE the student sought outside help in the form of other support and opportunities. If you want to attribute this one success out of a district of 12,000+ students to the school, don't you think they'd have more scholars and on a more regular basis? I do.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt the "kid" is a genius, but why don't you take two minutes and read the article about Colleen DiVincenzo?

You spend so much time griping you miss out on the positive things that occasionally come out of the district.

SCATS said...

To 9:56PM ~~ Why don't you stop assuming that I missed her 15 minutes of fame? In fact, I blogged about her achievement on Sept. 28th and hardly anyone bothered responding, not even YOU.

Anonymous said...

Sue Meier is the obvious choice to run the school district (if she had an interest in it at all, of course). Her long term record of success at Odyssey and her successes previous to that are all a testimony to her ability to deliver instructional excellence.

She is the only person who has been successful in "changing the rules" of Greece education and the results are astounding.

Humor follows:
My glee comes from SCATs not endorsing her. We seem to have a bit of a Sports Illustrated Cover Picture curse working in that regard.

Seriously though, thanks for the forum, SCATS.

SCATS said...

To 7:56AM ~~ Seriously, I'm not sure what you are referring to specifically when you talk about her long term record of success at Odyssey. I think there is SOME tendency to overstate the reality regarding Odyssey. There are students who fail at Odyssey. There are some who do not graduate. Not all perform well on standardized tests either. And at times, that building seems to have a revolving door of staff who come and go.

Odyssey has two things going in its favor as I see it. The first is that their student population as well as the teachers are all there because they want to be there. Secondly, I think there is a more positive attitude from staff towards students than in other buildings ... more of a "can do" type atmosphere about everything.

PS ~~ I endorse Sue Meiers to run Greece Central :)

PPS ~~ I'm fairly certain she has NO interest in the job anyway, so let the "curse" continue! (I'm starting to feel like the BoSux used to feel!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe that principal would be a good fit as superintendent for a school district where you could pick and choose the students that attend school there. Her successes are many but you can't tell what would happen if she just had to teach or lead anyone who happened to move into her district.
When we are talking about Greece there is a wide variety of backgrounds and experience for the total student body. Maybe she would do well in another private school like Odyssey say Harley or a school district that is small and affluent like Brighton. Greece??? ....not so much. Although I would like to see her try.