Monday, November 30, 2009

Can Roderick Scott Get A Fair Trial?

Jury selection begins today. Given all of the prior publicity, how is it possible for anyone from this area to be impartial in such a highly charged case?

Since former Greece Police Sgt. Brian Ball was the head technician who processed the scene for evidence, won't his role taint the case against Scott given his alleged doctoring of a police report in another case?

Can Scott get represented fairly with Parrinello as his attorney, when JP now also represents Merritt Rahn who was chief when Scott shot Cervini?

Can this trial overcome the media circus atmosphere and become more than another chapter in GPD's ongoing soap opera?


Anonymous said...

Scott has already been tried and convicted thanks to ADA Julie F. and a whole host of clowns from GPD who no longer work there. I've always believed they used this case to try to take attention away from the PD's other ills. I pray for you Mr. Scott!

Anonymous said...

Parinello gets to question Ball right? And maybe he can call Rahn too. Will this be a conflict of interest situation? I'm worried that Scott isn't going to get fair representation with all the connections the so called witnesses have with each other. What a royal mess.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason we should not have a town government that is in disarray. And why we should have non-corrupt police force. Who in Greece can get a fair trial?