Wednesday, November 04, 2009

BOE Hearing/Meeting Recap

The Supt's budget presentation touched upon topics including:

Enrollment projections - We'll gain 60 students in 2014/15
Reserve funds - Will help stabilize insurance & legal costs
Substitute teaching costs - Uncertain in light of H1N1
Transportation costs - Comprise 6-7% of total budget

Special SCATS KUDOS  to Frank Oberg for his suggestion that stipend positions could be replaced with volunteers!

Predictably, TWO people (both PTA'ers) showed up to speak at the budget hearing. Both messages: Don't cut anything, we should be adding things.


SCATS gives KUDOS to both Gale O'Toole and Frank Oberg for their insistence that BOE policies and the Supt's regulations related to drug/alcohol/tobacco use by chaperones, coaches etc. should be in the BEST INTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS, not the rights of the adults!

Shame on Supt. Achramovitch for NOT tightening up the Supt. Regulations after the hockey incident last winter. I explicitely recall him stating that HE WOULD DO SO when Julia Van Orman was BOE Circus Posse Prez. and leading a discussion on the fallout of that embarassing debacle. One more lie on his already littered record ...


Anonymous said...

So the Super got caught telling another fib. Seems like a frequent problem. How much longer before we can start the search for his replacement?

SCATS said...

To 9:55PM ~~ As soon as the BOE stops playing games about his lame duck status ... or when his contract runs out June 30th ... whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...

Betcha a cheeseburger and fries that they slide AM in to that spot.

SCATS said...

To 10:46AM ~~ Ann Mitchell for Supt!?!? OMG!

Anonymous said...

That's my guess. It occurred to me one day when I was thinking about the fact that Supt. Achramovitch will NOT be returning for the 2010-2011 school year (this right from the mouth of CP, who would know). I think the reason we are hearing nothing in terms of a search committee, etc. is because the BOE already knows who they will put in the top spot. Dr. AM -- I would bet my first born on it. I hope I'm wrong, but my instincts tell me otherwise.